Upper Montclair, New Jersey, has retained its unique small-town aspect even while being situated so close to other large cities. Its beautiful main street bustles with commerce, and it boasts great housing, public schools and outdoor activities. Although it is connected by rail, bus and major roadways to the rest of New Jersey and New York City, it has a friendly atmosphere and cozy, natural look.

The Northeast is known for its bevy of insects, spiders, rodents and other pests that are constantly looking for places where they can make their homes. While some of these animals are important parts of nature, they should not be found in residential homes where they damage buildings, destroy gardens and food supplies and stress out residents.

Residential Pest Control

Rather than struggle on alone, Upper Montclair residents can choose Dial Environmental for all types of pest control. The best pest control really begins with discovering why pests have arrived and made homes in certain areas. Once a pest technician has determined the source of the insect or other pest, he can remove the pest’s home, make the area inhospitable to returning pests and ensure that the home remains clean and safe.

Residential pest control is about more than just getting rid of creepy-crawlies. Instead, it is about creating a safe and welcoming space and about protecting individuals from diseases that these pests often carry.

Lawn Care

Dial Environmental also provides superior lawn care for residential lawns of all sizes. With an integrated program, Dial will help lawns look thicker and lusher by creating deep grass root systems and improving drought tolerance. Residents will notice greener lawns even during the hottest months. Dial also provides complete tree and shrub care.

Mold Removal

Mold is a huge environmental concern because it can quickly take over an environment, causing toxic air and ruining walls, floors, furnishings and more. The products that Dial Environmental uses for mold abatement are safe on the environment while strong against mold and mildew. Whether residents have mold in basements, behind walls or within cupboards, Dial can help.

Pest Control Services Offered

Dial Environmental can treat the following pests in Upper Montclair and the surrounding areas.

Dial Environmental can solve any of your most concerning pest control problems while also helping you keep your home environment clean and healthy. Plus, services are provided in the greenest possible manner, making our services safer for you, your children and your pets. Contact us today for a free service quote.

Not in Upper Montclair? Don’t worry, we service all of Essex County, including: