Poised within commuting distance of New York City, many of the boroughs in Essex County are popular, but one area that stands out, is Caldwell. While Caldwell is relatively small in size with less than 8,000 residents. This small size allows Caldwell to retain its charm while still offering access to big city amenities. Commuters are not the only ones who enjoy life in Caldwell. Pests are unfortunately quite at home in Caldwell as well.

If you live or work in Caldwell, you need to be ready to protect yourself with service from Dial Environmental.

Residential Pest Control

Caldwell has a climate that lets pests flourish. They can hide within the walls or floors of your home where moisture often goes unchecked. If you suspect you have a problem, let us look into it immediately. We will thoroughly scan every part of your home. This includes the exterior and the yard. This is the only way to see if and where an infestation has started. Once we have assessed the nature of the infestation, we can use safe and proven techniques to effectively rid your home of pests. We provide ongoing follow up care to ensure that your infestation does not come back.

Lawn Care

Having a pest-free Caldwell home is the first step. If you want your property to shine, then consider lawn care service. At Dial Environmental, we use a thorough process that can be individualized for the needs of your lawn. This starts with careful maintenance to keep growth in check. The ground is aerated as needed in order to promote healthier growth. If problems with weeds persist, further testing and chemical applications are also available. This allows us to create a custom lawn care program to bring the best out in your lawn.

Mold Removal

Moisture attracts pests, but it has other negative implications as well. In particular, homes and businesses in Caldwell are prone to mold growth. Mold is not only unsightly, but it is also dangerous. It can negatively impact the health of you and your family. Therefore, if there are any signs of moisture in your home, get a mold inspection immediately. If there is any indication of growth, we can offer effective treatment options to get your home mold-free in no time.

Comprehensive Service Options

Dial Environmental is proud to offer the following home services to Caldwell residents.

We want your life in Caldwell to be the best it can be. For pest control or any of our other services, contact Dial Environmental today. All our service quotes are free.

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