A select few companies in New Jersey have attracted and employed NJ State Licensed Arborists for private sector Tree & Plant Health Care work. We are honored to be one of those select few and excited for our clients.

Sean Johnson brings over 16 years of experience, education, and training to our family business. Sean has also brought his brothers; Edward Johnson and Bryan Johnson (pictured above) to Dial Environmental.   The Johnson Brothers are third generation lawn and plant health care professionals following in their Grandfather’s and Father’s footsteps.

Here in Northern New Jersey, Tree and Plant Health Care is essential to ensure a long and healthy life of the plants and trees on your property. Protecting overall plant health also protects the initial investment made to beautify landscapes at a fraction of the cost of replacement. At Dial Environmental, curb appeal beyond imagination is achievable.

Great results are a byproduct of attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. Composing protocols to attain maximum plant health is futile if technicians in the field are using old pumps and tanks which are not properly calibrated. Residues build up and equipment must be periodically replaced. Water temperature in mixing tanks must be kept cool as hot water can damage plant materials. At Dial Environmental, look for our newer vehicles in your neighborhood and properties. Our PHC trucks have state of the art delivery systems for precision applications and optimum cost savings. Arborists bring skill, knowledge and attitude.

Science and technological advances in chemistry, formulations and organics are rapidly improving the health of plants as we march forward through the second decade of this new millennium.