New Jersey Plant, Shrub & Tree Care

There are thousands, maybe millions, of different types of plants and trees in New Jersey and they all have different needs. Some plants thrive in sunlight while others may dry out if they’re too exposed.

Our team of plant and tree health care experts know how to design and treat all plants and shrubs in the North East. We have our techniques and treatments down to a science!

Here are a few of the plant, shrub, and tree care services we offer:

  • Soil Injection for feeding and Protection – Feeding shrubs, trees and ornamental plants with “Deep Root Fertilization” provides nutrients to the root zone of each plant for absorption.
  • Systemic Soil Injection can also be utilized to target insects which are impacting the plant or tree. Systemic injection “uptake” allows the treatment to be absorbed to target pests that devour leaves and impact the structure.
  • Growth Regulator applications to the soil at the base of the tree or plant to slow the growth rate of the plant or tree to prevent overcrowding and root system, branch overlapping.
  • Foliar Fungicide treatments to prevent leaf spot, rust, scab and other insects and fungus.
  • Winter Protection foliar treatment application of Trans Film to broadleaf evergreens and plants in need of protection from the cold temperatures of the Northeast.
  • Pruning of low growth tree branches and shrubs. Pruning to keep plant material and low tree branches from touching the structure, and enhance the overall health of the tree or plant. Pruning in the winter is the optimum time while the tree or plant is in a dormant state.
  • Organic Deer Repellent applications are very effective when built into a 3-4 week frequency of service to protect plants and shrubs targeted by deer.

Disease and Insect Management

The climate in Northern New Jersey is volatile with extreme heat, extreme cold and high and low humidity. Dry spells and wet periods that seem to last for weeks. This constant fluctuation in our weather does, however, produce a great opportunity for plants and trees to flourish in our local environment.

The same conditions which can favor growth opportunities in plants and trees, also offer the same opportunities for fungus and insect growth and reproduction.

At Dial Environmental, plant, shrub and tree care is a year-round job. We do not take the winters off, which gives us a competitive edge.

Insect Targets & Control

Pests are one of the main the reasons plants fail to reach their full potential. Luckily, at Dial Environmental, pest control is our specialty. If your plants are being eaten or damaged by insects, schedule a pest inspection right away!

Small bites marks, brown spots, and dead plants are a few of the most common signs of insects feeding on your plants and shrubs. Our team identifies the cause that’s destroying your plants and uses proper treatment to ensure they won’t return.

Here are a few of the most common plant eating insects New Jersey homeowners need to worry about.

  • Bronze Birch Borer – This insect larva stage kills birch trees by feeding on the inner bark which disrupts water and nutrient uptake. CONTROL- Systemic Treatment of soil root system to allow the tree to pull treatment from the soil to canopy.
  • Emerald Ash Borer – The EAB is relatively new to New Jersey. The insect larva targets ash trees also by feeding on the inner bark and disrupts water and the nutrient uptake of the tree. The Emerald Ash Borer has killed over 20 million ash trees since it’s discovery in Michigan in 2002. CONTROL – Systemic Treatment of soil, or bark treatment, or direct tree injection to allow the uptake into the canopy.
  • Japanese Beetles – Adults feed on the leaves of many shrubs and trees and the larva or “lawn grubs” destroy the root systems of turf grass. A prolific and damaging pest to harbor. ADULT CONTROL – Adults are treated with a Systemic Treatment of the soil around the roots of the shrub or tree, or directly to the bark to allow the tree to pull treatment into the canopy. LARVA CONTROL – Larva or “grubs” are treated with an insecticide formula liquid or granular to penetrate the turf grass and impact the grub population.
  • Leaf Miner – Small flies which lay eggs on leaves and small branches. The larva develops a hollow space inside leaves which cause blistering and damage to leaves of shrubs and trees. CONTROL – Systemic Treatment of the soil to uptake into leaves as well as foliar spray applications.
  • Psyllids – Small flies which deposit eggs for the developing larva on small branches and leaves of shrubs and trees. Larva develops inside of the leaf causing bubbling and blistering. CONTROL – Prune out affected areas. Systemic Treatment of soil for uptake into leaves to kill larva.
  • Scale – Scales are insects with no heads and resemble small barnacles. The adults cluster on perennial plant leaves, stems and branches and suck the nutrients out of the plant. CONTROL – Foliar spray applications with horticultural oil is the remedy.

Fungus & Disease Control

Even if you fight off the pests that are feeding on your plants and shrubs, there are funguses and diseases that you need to worry about. Brown spots, discolored leaves, or saggy branches and flowers are a sign of fungus and disease.

These lawn diseases are not easy to get rid of on your own. Store bought treatments are often less effective than advertised and contain chemicals that aren’t environmentally friendly. At Dial, we “Choose Green First” in our approach, decisions and applications to provide a safe, pest and disease free environment.

  • Anthracnose – This fungus affects developing leaves and shoots of hardwood trees in the spring causing defoliation in the summer. CONTROL – Multiple Foliar spray treatments in the spring when the new leaves form.
  • Apple Scab – Fungus that impacts, crab apples, apples, leaves and twigs on apple trees. CONTROL – Foliar spray applications in the spring time.

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You take great pride in your lawn and landscaping! Don’t let diseases, pests, or poor maintenance ruin all the hard work and money you’ve spent on plants, trees, and shrubs. Let our lawncare experts at Dial Environmental keep your plants in tip top shape.

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