How mulching can help your New Jersey trees and shrubs

Mastering the proper use of mulch can revitalize the health of plants, shrubs and trees

Properly applied mulch comes with a host of benefits, including:

  • Moderate soil temperatures
  • Reduce soil moisture loss 
  • Reduce soil compaction 
  • Provides nutrients
  • Improves soil structure
  • Foster beneficial microbial communities
  •  Helps keep mowers and string trimmers away from the trunk. 

These benefits result in more root growth and healthier plants.

Inexperienced installation of mulch can cause damage, disease and fungi.    The common negative effects of improper mulching techniques;

  • Wet mulch will cause damage -it must be spread out in a thin layer to dry prior to installation
  • Thick piles exceeding 3 inches cause potential diseases, fungi growth, root rot and impact to leaves
  • Over mulching can attract slugs and rodent
  • Nitrogen deficiency may develop in heavily mulched areas turning leaves yellow accompanied with a rotten, fermentation odor 

Dial Environmentals Mulch Installation Division is supervised by our certified Arborists to achieve optimum results including:

  • Enhance the vibrancy and health of your plants, shrubs and trees
  • Protection of your investment of plant material and landscape
  • Optimizes the initial investment of the mulch product