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The Threat They Pose

Living in New Jersey allows you to see and experience many things. Famous figures can be spotted in the hottest areas. Every day, you can take your family to a different renowned diner, considering NJ is the Diner Capital of the World. The bad news is that bees, wasps and hornets are a common sight in this amazing state. Even though each species stings and pesters people, they are dissimilar in a number of ways. Understanding these key differences will help demystify these flying critters. With our help, you will have a clearer idea of how to keep them away from your residential and commercial properties.

You usually come across beehives on the exterior of homes, particularly under the eaves. However, beware that bees can nest in trees and behind walls. Hornets are known to nest near soffits. Wasps tend to settle down in garages and on roofs. All these locations spark fear in people who wish to steer clear of stinging pests. To the naked eye, the pests cause no significant damage when they live on homes and businesses.

Unfortunately, property damage occurs and worsens as the flying critters expand their colonies. The rapid growth of colonies is problematic because the pests have a venomous stinger that can cause skin irritation and varying degrees of pain. Therefore, you are just as vulnerable as your properties are. Take action now by working with the pest exterminators at Dial Environmental. We provide effective solutions so that our customers can enjoy their porches and backyards without being afraid of bees, wasps or hornets.

Wasp Control

Don’t mistake wasps for bees. While the typical bee is round and hairy, wasps are black and yellow. Since they are also more aggressive, you shouldn’t provoke them by tampering with their nests. The males can’t hurt you by stinging you, but the females can. They generally will plunge their stingers into you if your actions make them feel threatened. With Dial Environmental protecting your home and business, wasps will no longer be a major concern. We have the protective gear we need to zip through the removal process.

Hornet Control

Hornets terrify people because they are big and more aggressive than wasps. Plus, just like some bees and wasps, they won’t hesitate to sting you several times. No provocation is required. Thankfully, not even hornets can scare us off. Call Dial Environmental today to get a free estimate and more information about our removal methods.