There’s a lot to love about Cedar Grove. We’re proud of the parks, trees and close-knit community spirit that make our township a destination suburb. It’s no surprise that Cedar Grove has been named one of the best, safest places to live in all of New Jersey.

Unfortunately, the humid continental climate is highly attractive to pests. No home or business is immune from infestations, and the worst offenders can cause significant property damage or pose serious health risks.

Dial Environmental has more than 30 years of experience in protecting our clients’ investments.

Residential Pest Control

Our licensed technicians are extensively trained to identify all kinds of species, and they stay current on cutting-edge technology. We use multiple treatments, but we always try green, environmentally friendly methods first. Our year-round HomeCare program includes spider web dusting and removal. Our basement HEPA vacuuming service traps dust, mold, pet dander and other irritants to help our customers breathe easier. We can address pest problems individually or in regularly scheduled, bundled services. We stand by our work and stake our reputation on 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Lawn Care

We’re on a mission to reduce pesticide usage and keep our water clean. Organic solutions and biological methods promote rich, healthy soil and vigorous plant growth. As a result of careful nutrient management, you can expect to see consistent grass color and increased tolerance to drought. Your plants will thrive as never before.

Mold Removal

Indoor air pollutants can be just as harmful to your health as outdoor threats. Mold is a fast-growing fungus that can cause nasal stuffiness, coughing and wheezing. Throat, eye and skin irritations are also common. Prolonged exposure might result in allergic reaction or serious fungal infection. Some traditional treatments for mold are as toxic as the mold itself. In keeping with our Choose Green First commitment, the product we use is a solution of naturally occurring salt. It is free of harmful chemicals and has received the federal government’s safest toxicity rating. We’ll apply it to contaminated surfaces or fog the problem area to kill mold fast and prevent new growth.

Common Pest Problems in Cedar Grove

Dial Environmental has fast, effective solutions for these and other pests:

Quality work and outstanding customer service led to our winning the Best of Essex award five years in a row.

Not in Cedar Grove? Don’t worry, we service all of Essex County, including: 

Contact one of our experts today for a free quote. Dial Environmental guarantees that your pests are about to meet their match.