One of the greatest things about owning a home is taking pride in your lawn and landscaping. Great landscaping can make any house stand out and even increase the value of your property. 

Whether you are selling your New Jersey home or want some new scenery, it’s important to know local tree and planting services.

Our Tree and Shrub Planting Services

Our team of landscaping experts at Dial Environmental have planted thousands of shrubs in the area and know the proper techniques for the best results.

Plants aren’t cheap. Maybe it’s because plants are expensive to maintain or because you can’t leave the store with just one. No matter the reason, you don’t want to waste your hard earned money.

Unfortunately, most plants die or don’t fully grow because they aren’t planted properly. When you leave roots exposed or smother plants in mulch, plants can’t access the nutrients they need. 

Our planting installation services ensure that your plant is planted the correct way to promote growth and health. 

If your plants aren’t growing properly and you aren’t sure why, our team can help teach you the proper techniques to save your plants.

When is the Best Time to Plant Trees and Shrubs in New Jersey?

When most people think about planting shrubs and trees, they assume spring is the best time. However, that’s not the case. The best time to plant trees and shrubs in New Jersey is during the fall. 

Planting in the fall gives the shrubs and trees time to establish roots while the soil is still soft. 

Yes, you can still plant shrubs and trees during spring, but they will require extra watering. 

Planting in summer is also okay, but again, it’ll require more water and the margin of error is a lot smaller because of the intense heat. Trees that are under duress don’t grow as tall and are more susceptible to pests and diseases.

Benefits of Planting Trees and Shrubs

There are a lot of benefits of planting trees and shrubs around your home. They are a great way to get some more privacy from neighbors or some natural shade in parts of your lawn.

Trees may take about twenty years to fully grow but it’s well worth the wait. Not to mention how enjoyable it is to see a tree grow over the years. 

Plants and shrubs can also be used to increase your curb appeal and property value! If you’re selling your New Jersey home, we HIGHLY recommend professional planting services. New mulch and bright plants always make for a great first impression. 

Get a Free Quote on our Planting Services

Everyone wants to have that green lush grass and impeccable landscaping. However, not everyone has the time to constantly maintain a lawn of that stature. That’s where our planting services come in!

Our team at Dial Environmental, can plant new shrubs and trees to ensure their growth. We’ll even teach you our techniques while we do it, if you want! 

Change the scenery around your home with all new plants and shrubs this year! 

Get a free quote on professional planting services by contacting our team today!