Montclair is a beautiful community in New Jersey. It boasts all the best of small-town communities but is also home to the second-largest university in the state as well as a local art museum and a thriving arts community.

Residents of Montclair enjoy the beauty of old historic homes and fine architecture of commercial and public buildings. The community is diverse, and the proximity to New York City gives access to a broad range of activities.

The community cares for each other with excellent public schools, a thriving farmer’s market, and is known for being a model sustainable city. Residents enjoy plenty of parks and bike paths, easily walkable areas, and a robust recycling and composting program. Those who choose to live here can get the best of small-town living with the amenities of a much bigger city close by.

Dial’s Pest Control & Lawn Care Services

Dial is a Full service environmental home service provider for Essex County NJ specializing in Pest ControlLawn CareMold Removal & much more. Dial helps Montclair residents make the best of living with services to alleviate common problems. Dial can provide fast, effective treatments so that residents can enjoy everything about Montclair with minimal obstacles along the way.

Pest Control Montclair NJ

Dial offers a wide range of pest control services in Montclair services. Rodent, termite, and other environmentally friendly pest control services  with HomeCare effectively removes the problem while remaining in line with Montclair’s sustainable mission. Residents can enjoy year-round pest control with Dial.

Tick and Mosquito Control is also a big part of Dial’s services. The company ensures that Montclair residents can enjoy their time outdoors w low impact or organic mosquito and tick control.

Residents can also be sure that Dial’s Termite Control is safe and effective. Dial offers termite treatment and eradication for one low price via TermaPlus.

Lawn Care Montclair NJ

Montclair is home to some fantastic outdoor spaces, and Dial’s lawn care in Montclair helps residents enjoy their own yards as much as they do the parks and trails. Dial works with the natural state of your yard to build up beneficial microbes and healthy soil so that your landscaping can flourish.

Instead of merely pruning grass, Dial digs deeper into the needs of your yard to produce healthy, disease-resistant landscaping, which naturally defends against many yard and household pests. Dial’s primary concern is getting yards to the healthiest they can be and ensuring that plants are in top shape.

Plant care also ensures that your Trees & Shrubs are monitored year-round by certified arborists. Dial doesn’t take winters off and is available to handle your landscaping needs whenever they arise.

Mold Remediation

Mold can ruin a household quickly and silently. Dial offers homeowners the chance to fix and prevent issues with mold through dehumidification (moisture control), mold remediation, and removal to address the entire issue.

Dial uses a holistic approach with sustainable materials to address mold. The company uses a patented salt solution for the initial fogging as a commitment to its “Choose Green First” mission. It contains no toxic ammonia, chlorines, or VOCs, and has received the safest toxicity rating from the EPA, CAT-4.

After the application, the product dries into an invisible polymer, providing long-lasting mold control without the potential to harm sensitive respiratory systems. The finisher is applied via a fine-mist micron treatment. Nothing is left behind but a clean, ready-to-live-in home for you to enjoy for years to come.

Dial’s Commitment to Montclair

Dial’s “Choose Green First” mission allows Montclair residents the opportunity to address common pests and home issues without toxic chemicals or worrying about environmental impact. Dial is committed to serving the Montclair community with safe, effective treatments that residents can trust.

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