Be Safe and Choose Dial Bed Bug Pro® for Expert Bed Bugs Removal

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What Is the Dial Bed Bug Pro® Difference?

  • We generate our own power and do not leave you with a unexpected “huge” electric bill for your bedbug heat solutions treatment
  • We produce rapid convective heat distributing air-flow evenly and much quicker than any other conventional heating system on the market
  • Our process penetrates deep into the structure and contents without harming electronics and eliminates the need for packing and removal of personal items
  • Totally Green process… need for pesticide applications
  • As always, at Dial Environmental… We Choose Green First

Canine Inspections

Dial Bed Bug Pro will begin with an initial evaluation to evaluate your home for bed bugs. We utilize the services of a “third party” (to eliminate a conflict of interest) Canine Scent Detection Team to sniff out bedbugs before and after our heat treatments. “Roxie” is a friendly and small – Rat Terrier/ Jack Russell mix, with full credentials and extensive training to perform extremely well in the field.

During our initial evaluation our Canine Scent Detection Team (Roxie and a handler) will be deployed with our technical staff to detect and confirm the presence of bedbug; and if bed bugs are detected a treatment plane will be put in place.

Bed Bug Heat Solutions

Treating bed bug with heat is a complex process that should only be left to trained professionals. It is extremely effective, green and, in most cases, eliminates the need for pesticides. Here is what you can expect if you are receiving a Bed Bug Heat Treatment:

  1. Dial Bed Bug Pro’s unmarked trailer arrives on-site
  2. The “transfer station box” (3 feet x 3 feet) is placed in a central location inside the structure
  3. Cables connect the generator on the trailer to the transfer station box to bring power into the structure
  4. Cables connect the heaters to the transfer station box to power the convective heaters and fans inside rooms
  5. Heat sensors are placed on surfaces inside the structure as well as “the core” inside bulky items and furniture to validate even heat disbursement and critical “core temperature” readings on our laptop
  6. The system is powered “ON” and the digital sensors on the heaters record temperatures quickly reaching our controlled temperature threshold of 140 degrees
  7. The temperature recordings are captured on our laptop and the systems is shut down once we achieve thermal death validation of sustained uniform convection heat disbursement

Upon completion of our heat treatment, the Canine Scent Detection Team will be brought back to “validate the kill” usually within 24–48 hours following the treatment.