Pine Brook is a small town located in Morris County, New Jersey. Pine Brook experiences the same hot, humid summers and long, cold winters as the rest of New Jersey, making for a perfect climate for pests throughout the year.

Due to the climate, Pine Brook residents need to be on high alert for pests that are trying to make a home or find shelter in a Pine Brook home. Pests that Pine Brook residents should look out for are the common Northeast Pests like insects, spiders, rodents, and other hungry or homeless pests.

Pests caught nesting in your home should be taken care of immediately. These pests can cause damages to your homes structure and your family’s health. At Dial Environmental, we can take care of all pest infestations in Pine Brook, New Jersey.

Pest Control

Pest Control starts by finding the entry point pests are using to enter your home. Sealing the entry point so pests can no longer enter your home is the only way to ensure pests stay out once exterminated. Our team is trained to identify the signs and damages of a pest infestation and to exterminate pest infestations at the source with our unique treatment process.

Pests we service

Lawn Care

You’ll find the best lawn care company in Pine Brook, NJ with Dial Environmental’s Lawn Care program, which helps protect both the planet and your lawn. We understand each customer’s lawn care needs, and we’re dedicated to using environmentally friendly products. 

  • Dial Environmental’s Certified Arborists understand the complex biology of plants, so whether the service is mulching, pruning, or managing insect infestations, our technicians know exactly how to keep your landscape healthy for years to come.
  • Our Annual Aeration service offers the most impactful service for your yard as a whole. Allowing air, water and nutrients to get further into the soil, this fall service will allow your lawn to recover from the summers scorching heat. 
  • Quality pruning service from our certified arborist will encourage better flowering, and improve growth habits. Essential for harsh winters in the Mendham, Roseland, and Montclair area pruning will help reduce the overall size of overgrown branches, reducing the possibility of limb breaking and stress caused by frigid elements.

Mold Removal

Mold not only damages and rots the structure of your home but it also a huge health concern for your family. Mold releases toxic air into your home while ruining walls and floors.

Our Mold Removal Service is quick and easy yet extremely effective. We us a natural mold removal agent that eliminates mold and prevents it from growing back. All of this is completed without using harmful chemicals.

HomeCare® Program

Our HomeCare program offers eco-friendly insect and rodent control programs to provide affordable, all year round protection and prevention against many pests you see and don’t see. Below, you’ll find only some of this program’s excellent benefits.

  • No appointments needed for Spring, Summer and Fall Services
  • Prescription Botanical & Low-Impact Treatments
  • HEPA Vacuum “Annual Winter Clean-Up” of basement
  • Pest Free Pledge: “ If covered pests appear between visits so will we, for free


Subterranean termites are one of the most destructive pests in the world, and they reside right here in Pine Brook, New Jersey. Our state of the art preventative termite control program, TermaPlus®, safeguards your home’s perimeter. Creating a barrier around your home to stop pests before they gain access to your home. Benefits of TermaPlus:

  • Eco-friendly service
  • Inspect the inside of the structure annually to detect any activity
  • Maintain a supply of termite bait in stations to control termite colonies

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If you are suffering from a pest or mold infestation or simply need some lawn work done in the Park Brook, New Jersey area, hire the professionals at Dial Environmental. We make sure that pests don’t stay in your home rent free!

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