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As a homeowner, you will need to protect your family and house from various pests like carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and other stinging insects. Ants in nature are useful because they decompose dying, decaying trees. But when they inhabit your home, they can leave a mess behind them if nobody treats them.

There are a variety of clean ways to perform routine ant control and pest control without the use of toxic chemicals. Here are a few useful strategies you can implement to keep your house safe from these annoying critters.

Decide on an Effective Source of Ant Bait

When you see ants in your house, they are there to find food or water and take it back to their colony. Instead of killing the ants when you see them, you can set out ant bait that will be shared by the entire cology. . Ant baits hold insecticides that will be carried back to the ant next to be spread mouth to mouth with the other members of the colony.

But you must decide what kind of ant bait you will purchase. You can determine the ideal type for your house ants by setting out pre-bait selections, such as :

  • Proteins like peanut butter (ants prefer this in the spring)
  • Sweets like honey or sugar (ants prefer this in the summer)
  • fried foods like chicken or french fries

When you find out what the ants enjoy the most, purchase the ant bait that is catered to their taste buds.

Eliminate All Traces of Ant Trails

When you notice an ant, there is a high chance that there will be members of its colony close behind. Ants are advanced communicators because they leave scented trails for each other to navigate through your house. Because sweeping and mopping may not do the job, you can create an ant control mixture of vinegar and water into a water bottle to spray.

If you spray this solution in potential ant nesting areas, you can prevent them from coming into your house to contaminate your food. This solution will only prevent new ants from infiltrating, so you will need to remove the already-existing ants with ant bait.

Go Directly to the Source: Look for Clues in Spotting Ant Nests

Carpenter ants, which can cause structural damage in your home, need to be eliminated as soon as possible. When you are locating the ant nests, you need to think about what types of environments they enjoy the most. An excellent first place to start is wet or damp places, like flooring or framing that is softer from various leaks or plumbing.

You can also look for spots that have been impacted by water damage, such as bathrooms, attics, and other exterior walls. If you want to zero in on the specific nest locations, you can cut small holes and then spray insecticide through the holes.

Partner with a Trusted Ant Exterminator in Roseland

If you are busy and do not want to spend your time eliminating ants, you can contact your local ant exterminator Dial Environmental, which specializes in pest control in Roseland. Dial Environmental’s ant control solutions offer you a stress-free alternative for your personal needs. If you are having trouble locating the ant nests, leave it to the committed experts who want to protect your home.

We eliminate your house of pests with you and the environment in mind, thanks to our unique HomeCare Program.   The dedicated team utilizes a unique combination of baits, monitors, botanical products, and mechanical devices that help keep your home free of ants and other pets.

Our company wants to work hand in hand with you and your community. There are no appointments required for our Spring, Summer, and Fall offerings. We are committed to building a long-term relationship with you because of our motivation to make your home pest-free!