Morristown is a small town and is the county seat of Morris County. There are several historical sites in the town as this is an area that was a vital component of the American Revolution. Even though this is considered a smaller town in New Jersey, there are still over 18,000 people who call the town home. This means that there are several homes and apartment buildings that could be home not only to people but to pests. Fortunately, companies like Dial Environment can work to eliminate and prevent pests from entering the dwelling. Mold treatments and lawn care are also among the services that Dial Environment and similar companies offer.


You won’t always see termites, but when they begin to damage the home, you will quickly see the results of their destruction. They work in the background by eating away at the interior areas of the wood in the house. These areas could include the floor, the wall supports and even some of the furniture. Most of the time, termites will begin to swarm from their nests when the weather turns warmer. For most areas of the country, this is in April or May. Since New Jersey has a cooler climate, termites might not begin to leave their nests until later in May or June. These pests can feed on wood 24 hours a day, causing damage to everything they come across. Some species of termites can consume most of the structure of a home in less than a week. When termites begin to swarm, they want to mate with other termites. As they mate, they lose their wings. Some will begin to die when they swarm in the warmer weather. If you see several small insects in one area of the home that resemble an ant, then these could be termites. You should also pay attention to small wings that are usually seen on the floor.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are sometimes known for being in hotels and homes that are not kept clean, even in towns like the historical Morristown. However, bed bugs can live in any environment as long as it offers suitable conditions. Bed bugs are often brought into the home when you return from staying in a hotel or if you have been in an environment where bed bugs are present. They are very hard to see because of their size, but if there are several on the bed or on the furniture, then you can sometimes see them in the crevices of mattresses and on the seat cushions of furniture. Bed bugs live off of the dirt and dry skin of the human body. They can leave small red marks on the body as they crawl across the skin at night or during the day if you spend a lot of time in one place.


Mold sometimes appears as a pink residue on the shower wall or on sinks before it turns green or black. If you keep areas of the home clean that often have water on them, then you can help to keep mold to a minimum. If there is mold present, then there could be health issues that range from mild coughing and sneezing to severe respiratory concerns that can make it hard to breathe.

Dial Environment can work with you to eliminate these pests as well as mold that is in the home. Other services include lawn care and caring for shrubs and trees so feel free to contact us and let us help you with all your needs!