Madison is a small borough in Morris County, NJ with a population of about 16,000 people. Madison is similar to most of the Northeast with harsh winters and beautiful hot summers. Madison, NJ is known as The Rose City and was actually named in honor of the late president James Madison. 

Madison is a very welcoming community , unfortunately it also welcomes a variety of pests. With ants, termites, and even animals, the residents of Madison, NJ are too familiar with pests. Back in 1985 we noticed that there was a problem with pests invading homes, so we created a solution: Dial Environmental. With over 40 years of experience you know you are working with a reliable pest control company. 

Pest Control 

Pests are not shy of Madison, NJ. Our experts have seen it all when it comes to pest infestations. There aren’t too many surprises that can’t be handled. As the leading Madison pest control company we take great pride in removing pests from your home.

We use the most effective and updated techniques to make sure we get rid of pests and make sure they don’t return. We make this easy by eliminating the pest infestation from the source and providing a treatment barrier to  ensure pests don’t return. Our Madison pest control professionals understand how frustrating getting rid of pests on your own can be. Keep it simple, get help from a professional pest control company. 

Pests we service:


Maintaining a lawn is difficult in any climate, but especially when it comes to lawns in Madison, NJ. Everyone loves that lush green lawn but not many homeowners have lawn care expertise to get that green lawn. Dial Environmental offers lawn applications and Madison lawn care services to keep your lawn disease-free, and looking great! 

We know that residents want a beautiful lawn with minimal effort on their end.  We not only provide lawn care, we use environmentally friendly products that won’t harm children or pets. 

Annual Aeration Services

Aeration plays a key role in the overall health of your lawn. Most people think a good fertilizer is all that’s needed to have a healthy lawn but believe it or not your lawn needs to breathe too.  We offer annual aeration services so your lawn can get oxygen and the natural nutrients it needs. 

Aeration is most effective during the fall and autumn months, to ensure that your yard will make it through both the hot summers, and freezing New Jersey winters. 

Certified Arborists

Our team is made up of pest control and lawn care experts, which includes certified arborists. We are one of the only pest control companies in New Jersey that have multiple certified arborists on their team. 

Our team will treat your property as if it’s our own. Whether that is general lawn care, shrubs, trees, or beautiful flowers, our certified arborists can ensure it is aesthetically pleasing down to the last detail.  

Professional Pruning Services

Sometimes plants, trees, and shrubs don’t grow in as thick as you desire. Pruning your plants and trees is a healthy way to help them fill out. Pruning is the process of cutting dead leaves or branches off so they can grow back again. 

Pruning is a great way to make sure your plants, shrubs, and trees make it through the harsh northeast winters. With our professional pruning services, your yard will flourish in no time.  

Mold Removal 

Mold grows in your home if there is an excessive amount of moisture. Typically you will be able to see mold growing as dark spots on your walls. However, even if you don’t physically see it, it can still be present. 

Another sign of mold growth is a musty smell in your home. Mold is a health hazard to your family because of the toxins that mold emits. It also can eat away at the structure of your home if not taken care of in a timely manner. 

Don’t let mold destroy the structure of your home and affect the health of your family, get help from a professional mold removal company. We take the time to inspect your entire home for mold, treating each area with family safe solutions. Once the mold is removed, we then treat your Madison home to prevent mold from returning without the use of dangerous fungicides.


Routine pest control is the most effective way to prevent pest infestations in your home. To help keep your Madison home pest free we created our HomeCare program. Our homecare program is a year round service tailored to your specific needs to prevent pest infestations. 

Homecare not only eliminates the pests that you can see but also eliminates the ones that you don’t. As a member of our HomeCare program, we provide both annual winter clean-up and pest monitoring. You won’t even need an appointment for services in the spring, fall, or summer!

Look for Madison Pest Control?

Pest infestations can be extremely difficult to get rid of on your own. At Dial Environmental, we can help. Our experts have been preventing pest infestations in Madison, NJ for over 20 years. Even if you have only seen a few pests in your home, it can help to have a pest inspection ahead of time before things get out of hand. 
We take pride in our work and would love to make your home a safer place for your family. To get a free quote or schedule an appointment contact us today!