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Taking care of your home all year is necessary to keep it well-maintained and functional for years to come. With homeownership comes a lot of routine maintenance and services, like landscaping, drain and gutter cleaning, and pest control.

Most services are ones we take care of in the spring, summer, and fall, making winter an excellent time to catch up on essential interior tasks that can keep your home clean, safe, and pest-free, now and in the upcoming months.

The Importance of Routine Winter Interior Services

It seems that most pest and mold problems you experience in your home happen during the warmer months of summer and early fall. That’s usually only because these months are when these problems are most visible. Insects and rodents are usually more active during this period, and mold grows rapidly in damp, warm environments.

You might decide to save costs on home maintenance during the winter if you haven’t been experiencing pest or mold problems. Unfortunately, skipping pest and mold control services during these important months can cause hidden problems – like missing a dormant rodent infestation or making a comfortably damp crawlspace a cricket family’s new home – to wreak havoc on your house come spring or summer.

Winter Interior Services to Consider

Keeping the exterior of your home free of pests and your trees and shrubs unharmed by winter weather is important. But taking extra precautions to safeguard your interior against insect and rodent infestations and harmful mold growth and dampness during the winter can keep your home protected. Here are essential winter interior services to consider:

Winter Cleaning for Unfinished Basements and Crawl Spaces

If you had professional pest control services completed over the spring, summer, or fall, it’s likely that there’s still some cleanup to do. After ridding your home of insects or rodents, the aftermath still exists, like droppings, chewed wood, and dead insects. Winter is the perfect time for a professional service to clean the mess while also inspecting your home’s interior to make sure there are no signs of a pest infestation still present.

Your basement and crawlspace are prime locations for pests and animals to make a home, so keeping these areas clean is especially necessary.

Pest Control Monitoring for Basements and Attics

Winter is also a good time to have a pest control specialist install or replace your pest and rodent monitors in the basement or attic. Monitors usually need to be replaced each year so that they function their best to detect pest activity when insects and rodents start to become more active in the spring.

At this time, a specialist can also complete an inspection of your attic and basement or crawlspace to determine if they need to take any further steps. For example, any signs of termite damage or mouse droppings can notify you that a problem still needs to be taken care of and can prompt professional assistance early on.

Moisture Control to Prevent Pests and Mold

Winter months are usually drier than the humid months of summer, but basements can still get wet from melting snow and ice. As long as there are dampness and little airflow, mold can grow, and pests can still find a cozy home.

You might consider getting a dehumidifier installed by a professional in your damp basement to make it less appealing to insects and mold in the winter.

Dial Environmental provides all of the above winter services and more to keep your home free from pests and mold and ready to face the seasons ahead. Whether you need to clean up from past pest control services or prepare your wet basement for the cold and snowy months ahead, Dial Environmental is ready to help. Contact us today for your winter maintenance needs.