Whippany is a friendly, quiet town in New Jersey that is an all-around amazing place to live. Whether you’re just looking for an easy going life or raising a family, Whippany offers a great life that many strive for. Good schools, great local businesses, and less than an hour from the city of New York, Whippany has everything anyone would need to thrive. 

Dial Environmental is proud to serve the citizens and businesses of Whippany. As any New Jersey resident knows best, the weather in Whippany is definitely diverse and draws out all sorts of unwanted critters into our homes. Dial Environmental has been serving the town of Whippany for over three decades, which speaks to our expertise. 

Pest Control 

Pests are an inevitable part of living in Whippany, NJ, but luckily the Dial Environmental team is here to help you. Our reliable pest control service will protect you and your family from having to live with any unwanted critters in your home. We exterminate a long list of pests that are found in Whippany, NJ. 

Pests We Service

Our pest control approach is focused on providing quick solutions that are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and that last. We don’t simply treat symptoms, but find the root cause of a pest problem and fix it! 

Lawn Care

Our lawn care program is designed to not only improve the looks of your lawn, but focus on providing a healthy environment for it to grow. Your lawn is much more than just for looks, it’s an ecosystem that needs to be properly managed. 

Dial Environmental’s lawn care program consists of our highly trained technicians inspecting your lawn for overall health, diagnosing issues and potential problems, and then creating a custom plan to fix it. No one lawn is the same and understanding how to best manage each lawn in their own conditions is how we ensure your lawn will stand the test of time. 

Through our lawn care program you can expect to see your lawn bolster and grow into a healthy environment. Reducing burn, healthy water quality, improved organic matter in the soil, and more vibrant colors are only some of the great benefits you should expect from our lawn care program. 

Mold Removal 

Whippany, NJ is fortunate to get to experience all four seasons throughout the year, but with the change of the season comes a higher risk of mold. Mold is one of the last things you want to be around because it can be a great health risk to anyone who isn’t careful enough. Once it works its way in your home it can quickly spread and then the only way to fix these issues is by removing it from the home. 

Our mold removal experts are trained to seek out mold and other potential areas around your home and ensure you are in safe living conditions. Places like basements, bathrooms, or other hidden areas that have potential to collect water is a perfect invitation for mold to grow. We pride ourselves on being able to remove mold from your home without using fungicides. 


Dial Environmental’s Homecare program is designed to keep pests out of your home and away from you and your family. This program is designed to stop and prevent any current, or future, pest activity that may be occurring around your home. Too often, we don’t see all the rodents and insects that claim residence around our home, and our Homecare program is here to kick them out. 

Through our Homecare program we will: 

  • Remove spider webs and dust the areas
  • Vacuum your basement with our “Annual Winter Clean-Up” 
  • Install rodent and insect monitoring stations 
  • Apply low-impact & botanical treatments 

Hire a Whippany, NJ Pest Control Company 

If you’re a Whippany, NJ resident looking for a new way to protect your home from outside threats, contact Dial Environmental today and see what we can do for you! We have been serving Whippany since 1985 which means we know what issues you should expect. 

Through our time serving Whippany we have developed highly strategic methods that eliminate problems and keep them away. Contact Dial Environmental today and see how we can help you improve the health of your home and family!