Early on, I always wanted to become an arborist.  My father is an arborist, and my grandfather was an arborist.  I would find myself as a young man, joining my father on jobs.  Soon the passion for this work began to grow deep down inside me.   I very much wanted to follow in the footsteps of my father and in 2000, I landed my first job in lawn care.

The knowledge passed down to me was invaluable and after a few years in lawn care, I was promoted to Arborist and achieved my lifelong goal.   I loved plant health care and tree surgery. It was easy for me and my job was not work.  This must have been clearly visible to many at my former company and loyal customers as my climb up the company ladder presented few difficulties.

My promotion in sales, provided me the freedom to pass on my family remedies by visiting properties to diagnose and evaluate plant life on large scale projects and commercial properties.  I prepared and proposed comprehensive Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs to property managers and owners.  By the end of 2011, I was promoted to Assistant District Manager.

In 2015, I was approached by Dial Environmental to manage their newly acquired lawn care and plant health care division.   That interview was a defining moment in my life as I began to realize how much I missed the family business atmosphere and culture that was such a part of me but lost within a corporate giant.   I joined Dial Environmental as Lawn & Plant Care Division Manager later that year.

My career with Dial Environmental started with two objectives; expand and improve the organic based program and grow the division large enough to reunite me with my brothers who I left behind at my previous position.

Today, I am so happy and proud to be back together with my brothers, Edward, and Bryan once again.

Edward Johnson        Sean Johnson         Bryan Johnson

The future is bright as we continue to grow in this family culture.  Customer care and training new, arborists on the correct approach with the knowledge of three generations will fuel our growth.   I am very involved in the local arborist community who collaborate and share information to continue the path of eliminating impactful products and adopting new innovations in organics.   Together our goal is sustainable landscapes, clean water, healthy and vibrant root systems producing more oxygen, healthy plant life and healthier planet.