Do your trees and shrubs need some extra care that only prescription treatments offer? Try one of our prescription treatments for tough diseases and pests.

Systemic Root, Trunk and Bark Treatments

Instead of relying solely on foliar pesticides to the leaves, Dial's Tree & Shrub Care division has discovered that targeted applications through systemic root, trunk and bark applications can be an effective way to treat boring insects.

Boring Insect Treatments

Boring insects such as bronze birch and emerald ash borers, pine bark beetles and elm bark beetles are serious threats to landscape trees. Without plant health care and/or insect management services, they can cause extensive damage by feeding through feeding on the conductive tissues of the trunk and larger branches. This feeding damage cuts off the supply of nutrients and water to the canopy usually resulting in death. Common boring insects include; Asian Long-horned Beetle, Conifer Bark Beetles, Elm Bark Beetle, Emerald Ash Borer, Pine Bark Beetle, Viburnum Leaf Beetle.

Caterpillars Treatments

Many species of caterpillars, including winter moth and gypsy moth, can be especially harmful to trees. They feed on the leaves and fruit of trees and shrubs and can defoliate a tree, severely stressing it and putting it at risk for secondary pests or diseases. Common caterpillars include; Winter Moth, Gypsy Moth, Fall Webworm, Eastern Tent Caterpillar, Bagworms.