Pine Brook, NJ Pest Control

Pine Brook experiences the same humid summers and cold winters as the rest of New Jersey, but this moderate climate, unfortunately, opens it up to pests throughout the year. Residents may encounter, for example, ants and mosquitoes in spring and summer, stink bugs in autumn and rodents in winter. Pests are wont to cause property damage and even physical injuries.

By hiring Dial Environmental, residents have their pest infestations taken care of in no time. We've been around for over 30 years, voted Best of Essex for five years in a row, and we use state-of-the-art technology, environmentally friendly services to eliminate pests, remove mold, create healthier lawns and improve the vigor of landscaped trees and shrubs. Our licensed arborists also offer pruning and planting services.

Residential Pest Control

Pest control is our main service and encompasses everything from trapping and baiting to the use of monitors and web dusters. It all begins with the inspection of your home or business, after which we determine the best treatment plan to help keep your home or business pest free. Because insects are always trying to find a way in, our services are year round. We focus on the outside, so pests are less likely to enter your home. Once a year, in the winter, we service the inside of your home or business to prepare for spring invaders. We hepa vacuum unfinished areas, cobweb dust and replace insect monitors. If pests make their way in between services, we come out with no additional fee, it’s covered in your pest management program.

Lawn Care

We offer a free lawn and tree and shrub evaluation. Afterwards, our arborists go to work to prepare a program especially designed to keep your lawn green and increase the health and vigor of your trees and shrubs. This includes grub control, pre-emergent weed control in early spring and may include if needed, soil amendments and core aeration in autumn. Because “We Choose Green First”, your home can thrive with organic based programs, taking care of our local environment and keeping our water clean..

Mold Removal

Our company also operates under the name of Dial MoldCure Pro, so you can trust us for professional mold abatement. Mold grows on organic materials in areas that are warm and high in humidity. Our patented solution eliminates mold without the use of VOCs, ammonia or other harmful chemicals. We may recommend the installation of a dehumidifier as a sure-fire method for preventing future mold growth.

HomeCare® Program

After years of managing the pests that are specific to the New Jersey area, we came up with the HomeCare® Program for residential pest management. It's our environmentally friendly way of eliminating pests


Subterranean termites are one of the most destructive pests in the world, and they reside right here in New Jersey. Our termite control program is called TermaPlus®, and it makes use of Sentricon® Always Active Bait Stations to rid properties of these underground pests.

Specific pest control services that we offer include:

Rest assured that we'll find the most effective (and cost-effective) way to address your pest infestation. Contact Dial Environmental today for an inspection and free quote.