A township with a humid continental climate, Parsippany, New Jersey residents experience cold winters and very warm summers. With the four seasons, different types of pests can invade homes in Parsippany according to the changing seasons. If you are dealing with a pest problem in your home or your lawn, the experts at Dial Environmental can help you.

Mosquitoes and Ticks

During the summer months, ticks and mosquitoes thrive in Parsippany. These insects can carry a variety of diseases that can endanger the health of people and their pets. There are ways that you can control mosquitoes and ticks on your property so that you can enjoy spending time outdoors with minimal concerns. You can inspect your lawn to find all sources of water, which these insects depend on for their survival. Mosquitoes breed in standing water such as in bird baths, inside old tires and other areas where water collects, so eliminating those sources can help to limit the mosquito population. Dial Environmental can spray your lawn with an organic oil every two weeks from April to October. This oil dries quickly and adheres to plant and other material. It repels mosquitoes and ticks so that you can enjoy your lawn again.


Termites can devastate your home when they infest it. These insects can feed on wood 24 hours per day, causing substantial structural damage if they are left unchecked. If you notice swarms of winged insects in your yard, see mud tubes on your walls or find piles of insect wings, you may have a termite problem. It is important for you to immediately call Dial Environmental when you see the signs of termites. We can identify whether or not you are dealing with termites. We then use the Sentricon system, which involves the discrete installation of bait stations around the perimeter of your home. The termites feed on the bait and carry it back to their nests so that the entire termite colony is destroyed. This can help your home to remain termite free for years.

Lawn Care, Shrub & Tree Care

Having a healthy lawn and healthy, beautiful shrubs and trees can increase the curb appeal and value of your home. Pests and fungi can attack trees, shrubs and grass, damaging your lawn. Dial Environmental can treat your lawn, trees and shrubs to keep them healthy and pest-free. We can spray your trees and shrubs and fertilize your lawn. Our lawn, tree and shrub care services also include pruning and trimming, and we can use an organic repellant to keep deer from targeting your shrubs and damaging them. We have a state-licensed arborist on our staff who can help you to ensure that your trees and shrubs remain healthy and disease-free.

Call Dial Environmental

In addition to these pest and lawn care problems, the professionals at Dial Environmental are able to assist you with all of your pest control needs. With our help, you can enjoy a healthy and pest-free environment both indoors and outdoors. Call us today to get your free quote and to schedule your pest control or lawn care services.

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