Bed Weed Control

Are your mulch beds full of weeds? Ask about our Bed Treatment Services and how they can help your trees and shrubs fight back against pesky weeds.

Trees and shrubs compete for available water and nutrients with unwanted weeds in your mulch beds. Our bed weed program will eliminate unwanted weeds making water and nutrients more readily available for your landscaped plants.

Deer Repellent

Are deer using your landscaped plants as a delicatessen? Ask about how our deer repellent service can help you take back control of your yard.

Deer populations in Northern New Jersey have exploded. And these high populations bring with them a long list of problems for homeowners. With limited food supply in wooded areas they are crowding our properties and backyards and it may feel as if there is nothing you can do to stop them. But fear not, Dial’s Deer Repellent Services can help. Our deer control experts will walk your property, learn about your unique challenges and deliver a plan reducing the temptation for deer to feed on certain plant material; therefore reducing the amount of time they spend on your property.

Tree Diseases

Do your trees and shrubs look like they are battling a common cold? Find out more about how our disease care program may be able to help.

Most tree diseases are caused by fungi which thrive during moist warm weather common at the start of the growing season. Properly timed disease treatments can prevent the production, growth and spread of spores that cause tree diseases and can help protect your landscape investment and enhance your property value. Our certified arborists act as tree care doctors diagnosing and treating for disease. Common Diseases include; Phytophthora root rot, Dutch Elm Disease, Anthracnose, Needlecast, Fireblight.