Jerry Smith

Chief Executive Officer

“If you were to ask me what I am most proud about our company, it would have to be that we offered our first green initiative in 1999 with a termite baiting system over a chemical-only treatment. Today more and more consumers are demanding environmentally friendly alternatives for pest, lawn and mold care treatments –I am so proud we were at the forefront of that revolution. It fits right in with our mission - “We Choose Green First®”.

Steve Adams

Partner, Dial Environmental

"My philosophy has always been to treat people like family. I have invested my entire career in helping others, through my profession and personal life. As we continue to build our business our success will be measured on how long we hang on to our customers and keep each and every one, happy and satisfied. We all take a lot of pride in our work and we invest big in our employees to share our vision. If you have been a long time customer, thank you so very much for supporting our company. If you are brand new to the Dial Family, then I am sure you will be thrilled with your decision to join us. Let me be the first to thank you all for your support."

Laurie Cavalieri

Officer, Dial Environmental

"I didn't follow the same path most people do; I went right into the work force after high school. Anybody who knows me; knows I have a strong love for family, which made it an easy decision for me to go to work for Jerry; but we always kept our roles as siblings separate from our roles in the business. I worked hard to make a difference as an individual – for that I am very proud. I am also so very proud of my husband and children – they make it all worthwhile. I love what I do!"

Jonathan Schoppe

Director of Operations, Dial Environmental

"My career began with Dial Pest Control in 1999. I was brought in from Lucent Technologies to help the company transition into its first green initiative; termite baiting technologies. Working with Dow Chemical and bringing The Sentricon®Termite Colony Elimination System to life was a great accomplishment. Our company moved away from pumping hundreds of gallons of water and liquid termite chemicals to installing solid baits to totally eradicate termites. Dow earned the Presidential Green Chemistry Award for the technology and our customers were saved from chemical applications. Today, we have incorporated so much more botanical, and low-impact materials, baits, cobweb dusting and mechanical measures for controlling pests. Our advancements in organics for lawn care and plant health care are increasing growth and beauty while reducing active ingredients. Our future is bright and green. Join us, I am sure you will be happy you did."