Jonathan Schoppe

Director of Operations, Dial Environmental

Jonathan joined Dial Pest Control in 2001, after spending sixteen years in the restaurant service industry. His first role at Dial was a termite baiting technician. Jon, trained to provide exemplary service, quickly became a termite detective, doing whatever necessary to find termites and offer the customer peace of mind that the colony would be eliminated.

Soon after joining Dial, business began to really take off so Jerry and Steve duplicated Jon's effort by moving Jon into a management role to train others. For the next several years, Jon worked as Manager of Operations responsible for managing procurement, vendor relationships, IT programs, implementation of standard operating procedures, quality control and route management. Today, Jon is the Director of Operations and jokingly referred to as "Superman" by the staff.

Jon, a Master Technician, earned certification from Purdue University in Urban Pest Management, has New Jersey Pest Management Association certifications for general pest and wood destroying organisms, and is an Associate Certified Entomologist.

Born and raised in Point Pleasant, NJ, Jon spends his free time with his wife and two children.

"The best part of working for Dial is being part of the Dial family. Jerry and Steve understand the dynamics of family and how to manage work/life balance. That understanding is what sets us apart from the competition; we get that families have a lot to manage; we do our part by taking away the worries of pests in their homes. Taking care of families, it is what our company culture is all about."