East Hanover, New Jersey is a cozy community nestled between the Whippany River and the Passaic River. The small Northeastern town is more than 250 years old and boasts picturesque homes, playgrounds, and parks. East Hanover residents enjoy a variety of ethnically diverse restaurants and plenty of family-oriented activities. All four seasons touch the town, bringing heat and humidity in the summer and snowy cold days during the winter.

Changes in East Hanover, NJ weather conditions can also bring along pests, like rodents, spiders, and insects. Although many of these creatures do serve a big-picture purpose in nature, they can certainly wreak havoc in residential areas. Most East Hanover, New Jersey residents will warn you that pests can destroy structures, aggravate people, and potentially spread disease.

Pest Control

Dial Environmental, a pest control company based in New Jersey, serves various Northeastern towns, including East Hanover. Our pest control experts will quickly identify both the type and source of your home’s infestation.

Our team of professionals understand how to quickly remove creepy-crawlies from your home. We know it’s important that your private space is clean, safe, and protected from all the bad unwanted pests can bring.

Dial Environmental offers additional ways to improve your home environment easily and cost-effectively. Read on for more details.

Lawn Care

Dial Environmental offers exceptional lawn care services to East Hanover, NJ homeowners. Our high-quality lawn care services include understanding what the resident wants for their property, as well as using environmentally friendly products that won’t harm children or pets.

Certified Arborists: Dial Environmental employs a team of certified arborists that are knowledgeable about the unique biology of plants and trees. No matter what type of services your lawn needs, our arborists can take care of it to ensure healthy landscaping. This means you can expect our technicians to manage insects, mulch, prune, and provide other professional assistance.

Annual Aeration Services: Dial Environmental professionals know that allowing water, air, and nutrients to deeply penetrate soil will help future lawn growth. Our experts will provide aeration services during the autumn months so that your yard is strong enough to flourish during East Hanover’s hot summers.

Exceptional Pruning Services: Dial Environmental technicians know that pruning is necessary to encourage future growth and flowering. This is particularly useful when it comes to harsh Northeastern winters, like those in East Hanover, NJ. That’s because pruning helps control overgrown branches which can lead to limb breakage and stress.

Mold Removal

Most homeowners know the negative impact mold can have on their family’s health. Mold can spread quickly throughout a home, damaging furnishings, floors, and walls. Even more so, mold can create toxic air within the residents which leads to health issues like asthma and allergies.

Dial Environmental has developed an extremely effective mold removal process. Our technicians know to look for mold in the moist places where it can thrive, such as basements, attics, and bathrooms. We’ll be sure to remove your home’s existing mold and prevent it from coming back without the use of dangerous fungicides. 


The Dial Environmental “HomeCare” program is a modern, eco-friendly rodent and insect control program that offers affordable, year-round prevention against bothersome pests. HomeCare will take care of the bugs and rats you see, as well as the ones you don’t realize are lurking in your home’s nooks and crannies.

Check out the amazing benefits our HomeCare program provides:  

  • Annual winter clean-up of your basement
  • Installing and monitoring insect and rodent stations
  • No appointment needed for fall, spring, or summer treatment

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If your East Hanover, New Jersey home or yard needs some special attention, it’s time to hire Dial Environmental. We keep our customers from suffering through mold or pest infestations, as well as help their landscaping flourish.  

Prevent your home from a pest infestation and the damages they cause to your home, health, and lawn. Contact East Hanover Pest Control today to schedule an appointment!