Chatham is a borough in Morris County, New Jersey. With a small population of 9,000 people, this township was originally settled in the early 1700s by Europeans. Now, this community is nestled near the Passaic River and the Watchung Mountains, offering a rich Native American history. 

Although Chatham is quite small (only 2.5 square miles), it still has a lot packed into one area. This leaves the opportunity for pests to find their way into homes, especially during humid summers and cold snowy winters. 

Pest Control 

Dial Environmental offers many different pest control services all over New Jersey. One of those areas is Chatham, NJ. There are a few common pests that infiltrate homes and public spaces in Chatham. Our pest control experts can easily identify what your problem is, and how to get rid of it as quickly as possible. 

Pests we service:

A pest infestation of any kind can be extremely frustrating. Whether you are living and dealing with these bugs or you own a rental unit that is suffering from pests, we can help. You should be able to relax carefree at your home, don’t let a pest infestation ruin your peace of mind, contact Dial Environmental today. 

Dial Environmental offers additional ways to improve your home environment easily and cost effectively. Read on for more information. 


In Chatham, NJ you deal with all of the elements. This can bring hot and humid summers, along with the contrasting snows in the winter. This means you need a lawn care program tailored to the drastic changes in weather. 

Dial Environmental knows this and offers exceptional lawn care services in Chatham, NJ for all of your lawn care needs. Whether you are looking for environmentally friendly products or child-safe products, we have you covered.

Certified Arborists

Dial Environmental employs a team of certified arborists highly trained in plant and tree care. Not only do you want to have landscaping that is beautiful, but you want it to thrive. This is why our arborists are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to plants and trees that will thrive in Chatham. You can also expect our technicians to manage insects, mulch, prune, and provide other professional lawn care assistance services.  

Annual Aeration Services

For anyone who wants a beautiful lawn, aeration is essential. Dial Environmental professionals help to aerate your lawn annually by allowing water, air, and nutrients to deeply penetrate the soil. We recommend you choose to have your lawn aerated in autumn months in order to prepare it for the hot and humid summers you find in Chatham.

High-Quality Pruning Services

Dial Environmental technicians work hard to provide you with necessary and high-quality pruning services. Whether you have trees, shrubs, or flowers, pruning is necessary to encourage future growth. Especially when the snowfall comes in the winter months in Chatham. As long as you have pruned, then you will not need to worry as much about breakage.

Mold Removal

Essential to your health is mold removal. Although not all locations suffer from mold problems, in Chatham, NJ there can be a lot of rain in the winter, as well as humid summers. This is the perfect environment for mold to grow if not controlled. 

Mold is not only damaging to your floors, walls, and home, but it is also extremely toxic to your health. Often you can find mold in showers, in any room, but especially in a basement or attic.  If you suffer from any form of asthma you might develop a serious condition. Even if you do not already suffer from asthma, mold can cause allergies and severe sickness. 

At Dial Environmental we have an effective process for removing mold. Our technicians know where to look for mold. They will put mold prevention tactics into place, and can effectively remove the mold to make your home safe again.


Rodent infestations happen, especially in Chatham, New Jersey. The best way to avoid a rodent infestation is to put preventions into place before it happens. At Dial Environmental we offer an exciting homecare program that gets rid of rodents and insects and keeps them out! It is modern, eco-friendly, and affordable. 

Our HomeCare program offers:

  • Basement clean-up each winter.
  • Installation of insects and rodent monitoring systems.
  • Be first in line to have our technicians come out whether it is a fall, spring, or summer treatment.

Contact Us Today 

Don’t fight the battles of home improvement on your own, Dial Environmental is here to help! We can prevent and exterminate pest infestations, eliminate mold, and get you that lush green lawn that seems impossible to produce on your own. 

Let our highly trained experts improve your Chatham, NJ home! Contact us today for a free quote or to schedule an appointment. 

Do not let your pest control problems or home necessities go unnoticed. For the highest quality Chatham pest control, contact us at Dial Environmental in Chatham, NJ.