One of the many small towns in New Jersey, Boonton welcomes all four seasons. With humid summer days, beautiful spring seasons, along with a brisk fall and white winter, Boonton offers every experience. Although originally an industrial town in the 1800s, Boonton, NJ has grown into a lovely small town with a motto of “Small Town. Big Heart.”

Despite Boonton being a special home to many, it also welcomes a variety of pests. With ants, termites, and even animals, the residents of Boonton, NJ are no stranger to pests. Back in 1985 we noticed that there was a problem of pests invading home, so we created a solution: Dial Environmental. With over 40 years of experience you know you are working with a reliable pest control company. 

Pest Control 

Dial Environmental has been Boonton’s go to pest control company since 1985.  We only use the most effective and fastest working pest control methods. We will be in and out with your problem solved before you know it.

Pests we service:

With effective methods to eliminate these pests and safe methods to prevent harm to you, no pest infestation is too large. Our Booton pest control professionals understand how frustrating pests in your home can be. This is why every client of ours receives a comprehensive pest control program that is tailored to your specific needs.


Maintaining a lawn is difficult in any climate, but especially when it comes to lawns in Boonton, NJ. Have you tried to keep your lawn alive season after season with little or no success? Dial Environmental offers Boonton lawn services to keep your lawn disease-free, and looking great! 

We know that residents want a beautiful lawn with minimal maintenance effort on their end. This is why we use environmentally friendly products that won’t harm children or pets. 

Get started on having the premier lawn in the neighborhood

Annual Aeration Services

Did you know that aeration is an essential part of a healthy lawn? Dial Environmental professionals know how important this is, which is why we provide annual aeration services

We ensure that your lawn receives the water, air, and nutrients it needs to thrive. We always recommend these services during the autumn months, to ensure that your yard will make it through both the hot summers, and freezing New Jersey winters.

Certified Arborists

Dial Environmental has many different employees on our team, which includes certified arborists. These trained professionals are incredibly knowledgeable about local plants that thrive in Boonton, NJ. 

Regardless of what you are looking for in terms of your landscaping, we can get it done. Whether that is general lawn care, shrubs, trees, or beautiful flowers, our certified arborists can ensure it is done impeccably. These services include managing insects, mulching, pruning shrubs or trees, and other forms of assistance.

Professional Pruning Services

Although not every home fosters beautiful flowers and gardens, many homeowners wish they did. At Dial Environmental our technicians can help you make that wish come true! 

With our professional pruning services, your yard will flourish in no time. Allow us to prune your trees and shrubs to ensure that they will flower when the spring comes around. This is essential if you hope for your gardens to make it through the harsh Booton winters.

Mold Removal 

Mold can be found anywhere in your home, and you might not even know it! Mold can be found in your furnishings, the floors, walls, even curtains. It can even reside in the air you and your family breathe! This is incredibly dangerous and damaging to your health. Mold can even lead to chronic issues like asthma and allergies. No one wants this for their family.

At Dial Environmental we have developed an extremely effective process of removing mold. This involves looking where you least expect it. You would be surprised where we find the most severe of mold infestations! 

We begin the mold removal process, going through all areas of your home. We especially search in damp environments such as basements, attics, and bathrooms where mold thrives. Once Dial Environmental steps into your Booton, NJ home, your mold will be eliminated. We will even prevent the mold from returning without the use of dangerous fungicides. 


Our comprehensive Dial Environmental “HomeCare” program is both modern and eco-friendly. We help to prevent both rodents and insects in an affordable and year-round prevention program. 

Homecare not only eliminates the pests that you can see but also eliminates the ones that you don’t. As a member of our HomeCare program, we provide both annual winter clean-up and pest monitoring. You won’t even need an appointment for services in the spring, fall, or summer!

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At Dial Environmental we employ highly trained and capable pest control technicians. With a variety of different services we work to keep your Boonton, NJ home (or business) pest-free. If you are experiencing any form of a pest invasion, or need homecare and mold removal, contact us today.