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At Dial Environmental, we love the crisp fall air and the beautiful colors that the leaves show as summer slowly turns into fall. We also know that as the seasons change and the grass grows a little slower, it’s important to remember that we need to protect our landscaping and prepare it for winter.

Winterizing your plants not only protects the roots and new growth from frost, but it can also help keep wildlife and insects from invading your Landscape during the months their limbs are bare. Proper winterizing of flower beds helps to ensure that bulbs don’t freeze, which can result in your flowers not growing the next year.

In order to care for your plants and help them weather the cold months, the following services are recommended:

  • Pruning. Winter is the time in which you should have all trimming and pruning done for your trees and bushes. The change in the weather forces your trees into a dormant state, and they won’t grow after the trimming. Due to the lack of leaves, it’s easier to identify weak, dead or dying limbs. Hiring a professional to trim these is recommended as limbs can be very heavy. If you take the time to trim your trees of faulty limbs in the winter, there’s less chance that you’ll encounter fallen limbs when spring storms occur.Fruit trees need special care to be their healthiest over the winter. Contact us to discuss your needs in regard to fruit-bearing plant care.
  • Broadleaf evergreens other plants need additional protection from the extreme cold that winters can bring in Northern New Jersey. Dial Environmental utilizes TransFilm to shield these plants and help them survive the winter.
  • Flower beds and other decorative planted areas may need winterization treatment depending on the plants present and the drainage of the soil. One of our technicians can advise you on how overwintering can help ensure a bold, beautiful garden in the spring.

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Dial Environmental has a unique and effective program that utilizes organic fertilizers and nutrient replacements to care for your entire lawn in any season. The goal of our services and care packages are to improve and maintain the health of your soil to encourage healthy plants and trees.

We know that to have the healthiest plants in spring, they have to be protected and cared for over the winter months. We also believe that organically fed, healthy soil is the key to a beautiful landscape.

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