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DIY Pest Control: 3 Reasons to Avoid It

Do-it-yourself pest control sounds like a good idea. It seems like it will be cheaper and less to worry about. After all, you don't have to pay a professional to come into your home and you don't have to think about which pest program works best. You only have to buy the products and watch the pests go away. Unfortunately, DIY pest control sounds a lot better than it is.

It's not very safe.

Pest control products contain chemicals that may harm people, pets and wildlife if they're applied incorrectly. You might spray too much and create a toxic environment outside of your home, killing beneficial insects such as honeybees and ladybugs. If you apply chemical products in your home without the proper training, you may put your family and guests at risk of exposure.

It's not very practical.

It's easy to spend a lot of money on pest control products. If one doesn't work, you will buy another. If you misidentify the pest and use the wrong treatment, you'll have to buy yet another product online or at the store. These products add up and cost you time and money. Professional pest control technicians properly identify the pest the first time and only charge once to make the problem go away.

It's not very effective.

Some people rely on homemade traps and remedies to kill unwanted pests. However, they don't always work as expected. DIY pest control may come in handy when you're dealing with houseflies or a few ants in the kitchen. It's another thing altogether when it's a full-blown infestation.

Professional Pest Control is the Key

DIY pest control may be tempting, but it doesn't give you the same results as professional pest management does. It's easy to misidentify pests, but it's not easy to apply the proper products with precision application when you haven't had the proper training. Dial Environmental has licensed and trained technicians on standby who are ready to inspect your home, perform proper treatments and remove infestations when necessary. And as our tagline states, WE CHOOSE GREEN FIRST™ so you have peace of mind that your home, family and pets are protected from pests with the softest technology available.

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