Deer are beautiful creatures that allow us to experience a raw form of nature when they appear. They are generally extremely quiet and peaceful in presentation, known for quickly fleeing an area when spotted. What we may not realize is how destructive deer can be when they find themselves in our yards.


As beautiful as deer can be they will tear gardens into nothing but roots and leaves, ruining yards. Your garden stands no chance against deer which means your hard work and patience will be for nothing. Deer will also ruin bushes, trees, and even fencing if they’re startled and try to escape your yard. Deer are one of the last critters you want to find in your yard! 

What is DIY Deer Repellent? 

A DIY, or do-it-yourself, deer repellent is typically a homemade concoction that is designed to keep deer from entering your yard. Deer are highly sensitive to scents and these DIY repellents work by being applied around the perimeter of prohibited areas. 


Examples of DIY deer repellents typically consist of strong fragrances like bars of soap secured in socks. Or the smell of rotten milk and eggs when mixed is another example of DIY deer repellent. 

How DIY Deer Repellents Work 

Deer repellents work by creating bad odors or tastes that de-incentivize the deer from coming into your yard or eating your vegetables. Spraying a repellent that makes the first bite of one of your vegetables taste awful is thought to mitigate deer from continuing to eat. Other forms of repellents work by making certain areas smell bad. 

Do DIY Deer Repellents Really Work? 

It isn’t necessarily a case of do they work, the real question is for how long? Home remedies don’t offer lasting effects that will continuously push deer away. Far too often home remedies don’t hold the potency needed to keep deer away over a long period of time. 


Effective deer repellents should offer lasting results instead of a one and done approach. DIY deer repellents that make vegetables taste bad are only effective until the outer layer of the vegetable has been removed or worn off. Scents that smell bad to deer will also only be effective for a short amount of time until they need to be reapplied. 

Why You Should Hire a Professional 

When deer are invading your yard, it may be time to contact a professional pest control company. Professional companies, like Dial Environmental, will ensure your hard work continues to pay off and isn’t ruined in the matter of minutes when deers are casually strolling through your yard. Pest control companies' techniques may provide stronger effects that last a lot longer than the DIY approach. 


Companies come backed with experience, knowledge, and training that will effectively keep deer out of your yard. They have products that are a lot stronger than most, if not all, home DIY deer repellents. Even more importantly, they understand how and where to effectively apply these professional repellents to keep the deer away for good. 


Get in touch with a pest control company the instant you start to see deer or notice deer damage around your yard or garden.