New Jersey homeowners are not strangers to wet winters and humid springs. However, what many may not realize is that this weather combination, mixed with the lush, wooded areas and active wildlife, provides the perfect environment for ticks.

For years, New Jersey has ranked in the top five states in the nation for Lyme disease. And although the moisture and greenery often make ticks a year-long problem, there are ways to help combat these pests.

When is Tick Season in New Jersey?

Four species of ticks roam the state of New Jersey – Blacklegged ticks, Deer ticks, Lone star ticks, and American Dog ticks. All four go through the full development stages, starting as an egg, moving to larva, then nymph, and eventually, an adult.

Ticks are prevalent at any time of the year, however they’re most active in warmer months, beginning in April and lasting until October. Summer months are when most ticks are in their nymph stage and searching for food. However, spring and early fall is when adult ticks are most active. In New Jersey, prime seasons for ticks are May, June, and July.

During these prime months, not only are homeowners affected by ticks, but so are your pets. Bites can appear anywhere from days to weeks later and cause serious harm to everyone in the home.

When NJ Homeowners Should Spray for Ticks 

New Jersey homeowners call pest control companies like Dial Environmental to spray from ticks when spring first arrives- April or May – and when the ground is dry. These months are typically when females begin laying eggs and adult deer tick survivors start roaming. The goal of spraying for ticks is to exterminate them before they lay eggs.

While early spring is an ideal time to spray for ticks, it’s smart to treat your environment through summer and fall to ensure ticks are eliminated at all stages in their lifecycle.

Store bought tick repellents and bug sprays help with prevention, as does mowing the yard frequently, edging and trimming, and treating your yard with tick pesticide. A few other tips and tricks to help protect yourself, family, and pets from ticks include:

  • Planting deer-resistant plants to avoid attracting deer to your property.
  • Wearing light-colored clothing to see ticks more easily. If a tick is spotted on clothes, put the clothing in the dryer on high heat for one hour.
  • Try to keep active areas like playground equipment and patios away from heavy landscape.
  • Continually check yourself, family, and pets for ticks – especially when outside during these months.

While these are great tips and tricks to apply, the best way to protect your home and family from ticks is to have a professional pest control company like Dial Environmental spray your yard.

Benefits of Tick Spraying

Here are a few reasons New Jersey homeowners should spray for ticks.

Reduce risk of transmitting diseases

Ticks carry harmful diseases such as Lyme disease, Powassan virus, tularemia, babesiosis, and more. When you proactively use tick control, you reduce the risks of these diseases entering your home.

Relieves anxiety

When you know your yard is properly treated with tick control, you can rest easy knowing your family and pets are in a safer environment. Feel comfortable and safe in your own yard again!

Helps resolve a year-round issue

Ticks are dormant in winter months, but if they find a warm home they can easily survive in your home. Once ticks enter your home, you’re setting yourself up for an infestation. Tick control from a professional company significantly reduces ticks in all stages of their lifecycle.

Investing a long-term solution

When you choose to spray your home for ticks, you’re investing in a long-term tick control solution. This will save you time and money in the future, all while increasing protection for your family and pets.

Who to Hire for Tick Spraying Services

It’s a proven fact that ticks carry harmful diseases that put you, your family, and pets at risk. In fact, approximately 70% of all Lyme disease cases happen at home during outdoor activities.

With the risk factor extremely high in New Jersey, it’s critical to call a pest control company who will plan an effective treatment solution to reduce your risk of ticks. 

At Dial Environmental, our treatment and control measures include:

  • Trigger low-grade adulticide or All-Natural oils into a backpack air blower to tumble leaf litter and coat all sides of leaves and exposed dirt.
  • Timed treatments based on emergence.
  • Apply low-grade granules to leaf litter beds and wooded areas within 5-10 feet of grass.

The time for tick treatment is near! Contact us today to schedule a treatment.