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Home maintenance requires a lot of forethought and planning. Ensuring that your home has curb appeal also includes the responsibility of having your lawn treated periodically. However, there are specific parts of the year when it is best to have these lawn services performed. When is the best time to have your lawn treated? What treatments should you have performed to ensure your lawn is lush and beautiful? We will answer these important questions below.


During early spring, it’s ideal to begin your preparations for the upcoming growing season of your lawn. This is the ideal time to sharpen or replace your lawn mower blade, purchase gas for your lawn mower, and have any worn out parts replaced.

As spring fully arrives, your grass will be in its peak growth period. You will likely notice during this time that you need to mow a minimum of once per week. Spring is also an excellent time to fertilize your lawn to ensure maximum growth and thickness of your grass. Aeration is also an important action to perform during the spring season. The process of making small holes in the soil will allow oxygen to fully penetrate and improve the health of your lawn over time.


The summer season can bring a variety of pests that can attack your lawn and cause damage to your grass. Grubs are a type of beetle that can feed on your lawn, leading to wilted or brown patches of grass. Your lawn will grow very quickly during the summer months. While it can be tempting to mow your grass extra short in hopes of going a longer period before needing to mow again, this is not a good idea. Mowing your grass too short can damage the lawn and result in poor growth down the line. Water your lawn deeply in the mornings to prevent fungal growth and ensure adequate hydration.


Fall brings a state of dormancy for your lawn. The most important things you can do for the health of your grass during the fall season is to remove fallen tree limbs, leaves, and other debris. This improves the look of your lawn, but it also serves to keep it healthy through the coming winter season.


Depending on where you live, you may not see much of your lawn during the winter months. If you get a lot of snowfall, your grass will remain covered for much of this colder time. Although it may appear to be dead, your lawn only enters an inactive state during the winter season. All the hard work you put in to maintaining a healthy lawn will pay off when spring rolls around again, revealing beautiful thick grass.

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At Dial Pest Control, we understand the need to maintain a home and yard that are free of annoying and bothersome pests. We also know exactly how much damage these pests can cause for your lawn. A gorgeous lawn is so much more than simply pleasing to the eye. Maintaining a healthy lawn will add to the monetary value of your home and provide a protected area for your children to play. If you have been struggling with pests inside your home or in your yard, please contact Dial Pest Control today for a thorough inspection. We can provide you with a variety of pest control options to restore your peace of mind.