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There might be no insect on earth more feared currently than the bed bug. While they might not be the biggest, the most dangerous or the creepiest bugs out there, for many people the thought of these critters crawling all over then while they are asleep is enough to legitimately give them the heebie-jeebies. 

But, aside from the name, what do we really know about bed bugs? Here are some things you should know about these nocturnal pests:

Arrive in Many Different Ways

One of the main reasons that people are afraid of bed bugs is the fact that it’s very hard to prevent against them. You might spray your house regularly and do other sorts of treatments, but there’s every chance this won’t stop a bed bug infestation. Why? Because bed bugs usually enter a house by hitchhiking. They can hide in clothes, bags or boxes. You can make contact with them when you go on a trip, when a kid comes back from college or when you visit a house that always has them. In all these ways, it’s possible to get bed bugs into your house without even knowing they’re there until it’s too late.


It’s a big word, but it just means “blood-eating.” Yes, bed bugs feast on blood. Without it, they will die.

Drawn to Body Heat

This makes sense in a blood-eating animal. If you need to find blood to live, you have to have a way to find it, right? So, when you put these factors together, you get a good reason for why bed bugs work the way they do. They can sense body heat — and there’s no place in our houses where you can find more consistent body heat than when an animal is asleep.

Use an Anticoagulant

This chemical helps blood to stay thin when the bed bugs are feasting. Unfortunately, some people react to this anticoagulant in different ways, and can have harsh and severe allergic reactions, waking up with large, irritated rashes.

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