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What's TermaPlus? A Deep Dive into Dial's TermaPlus Pest Preventative Program

Dial Environmental concentrates on keeping pests outside where they belong, so you can trust the TermaPlus system to protect your home. Here’s everything you need to know about the TermaPlus Pest Preventative Program.

TermaPlus Program Benefits

Why should you choose TermaPlus? Benefits range from peace of mind to better property values.TermaPlus

Peace of Mind

Hearing mice skittering around in the attic or seeing bugs coming in through the windows doesn’t create a relaxing home environment. By employing the TermaPlus program, you can enjoy a clean and protected home without worrying about pests finding a way in.

Proactive Approach

Many homeowners don’t notice bug problems until the pests are already established. But TermaPlus’s proactive approach is preventative rather than reactive. Instead of applying toxic sprays and chemicals to your home and property, you can take a few simple steps to keep bugs from coming near in the first place.

Ongoing Support

Because Dial Environmental maintains the TermaPlus system, you don’t need to worry about pest protection. Our team installs and monitors the system, maintains termite bait to keep termite colonies from re-populating, and makes routine inspections to check for insect activity.

See a bug? Give us a call for a free return visit to address the problem.

Maintaining Aesthetics

Did you know that termites can cause blistering on drywall and varnished wood? Insect damage can often resemble water damage. A significant infestation can require cleaning and intense repairs, which may even lower your property value.

What’s Included with the TermaPlus Pest Preventative Program

You can purchase pesticides at any hardware or home improvement store, but a single application of product won’t protect your home. Here’s what’s included with the TermaPlus Pest Preventative Program.

Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System

Personalized treatment comes with an Always Active system for eliminating termites. Termites are a common problem, partly because they are subterranean critters we rarely see. Termites eat wood, and they prefer damp and musty locations where the wood is softer.

Fortunately, the Sentricon system addresses even the bugs you can’t see, tempting termites with bait they then take back to their colonies. This bait destroys colonies from inside out.

Monitoring Stations

Remote monitoring keeps track of any pest activity in and around your home. TermaPlus’s oversight ensures no insects or rodents get past the perimeter of your home. Modern technology combines with Dial’s extensive experience battling household pests for an effective approach to avoiding critter problems.Termites

Consistent Protection

As a homeowner, you don’t need to worry about checking bait or traps—Dial Environmental takes care of everything. And if you find evidence of critter activity, we’re only a phone call away. By using the TermaPlus system, you can keep tabs on what’s happening inside, outside, and underneath your home with ease.

How is Dial’s TermaPlus Different?

Even if critters and creepy crawlies already appear to be invading your home, it’s not too late. Dial’s TermaPlus involves multiple components to create a barrier against bugs and protect your home. The system also addresses existing infestations such as termites.

The Sentricon system eradicates termites without requiring the mass application of pesticides. Instead of waiting for bugs to show up and then trying to DIY a solution, you can trust Dial to keep pests at bay while you focus on enjoying life.

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