When it comes to taking care of your yard you want to place your trust in someone who knows what they’re doing. The life of trees is extremely delicate and how they are grown and maintained can make a huge difference. Arborists are certified specialists that possess the knowledge to grow award winning lawns by understanding the biological needs of the trees in your yard. 

An arborist is trained to identify tree species and their requirements for a flourishing life. They can diagnose issues and understand how to mend unhealthy, or sick, trees. To become a certified arborist they must undergo extensive educational training and testing along with continued education to maintain their licenses. Trees make up such a large part of the ecosystem that it is imperative they are taken care of to maintain a healthy world and picture perfect yards.

What Does an Arborist Do? 

An arborist has many different skills when it comes to tree and shrub care. Here are 5 of the most common duties of an arborist. 


Whether for health or looks, pruning is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy tree population. Arborists understand how to form and shape trees as well as identify diseased or damaged trees and how to properly prune them. 

Tree Removal 

Ripping a tree out from the Earth is no light task, and oftentimes it should be the last resort. A certified arborist will understand the proper procedures necessary to remove the tree effectively and reduce any extra damage caused by the removal. 

Emergency Tree Care

For an arborist, saving the trees is a large part of the job and is arguably the most important. Trees require certain help quickly after storms for damage, along with if a tree becomes diseased an arborist can mend them back to top health. 


Planting may look like a simple process, but it is extremely risky and imperative that it’s executed right the first time. Certified arborists can plant a tree correctly to ensure that the tree’s roots grow in and the tree remains healthy. 


When you don’t know where to turn with your trees an arborist can be a great resource to turn to for advice. An arborist will answer any questions you may have and give in-depth guidance when trying to improve your yard. 

When Should You Hire an Arborist? 

Hiring an arborist is dependent on your individual needs and that of your trees. If you are curious about whether or not a tree in your yard is unhealthy or sick, an arborist would be a valuable resource to diagnose symptoms and causes. For those wanting to improve the overall looks of their yard or need help finding trees that will work best for your yard an arborist could be an amazing source. 

An arborist should be called especially when there is concern about structural damage caused to trees. Falling trees can cause even more damage and are a huge safety risk for anyone in the area. An arborist can tell you whether or not the tree can be saved or if it should be removed, and even how to remove it properly. 

For those who may be hesitant to plant their new trees since it’s such a delicate procedure, an arborist may be a great way to go. They can plant the new trees so it grows properly and continues to grow throughout the duration of its life. 

How to Find an Arborist Near You

It’s important to find an arborist that isn’t just licensed, but well qualified to give you the advice your yard needs. The overall health of your lawn can be greatly affected by the integrity of the trees in it since they make up such a large part of the ecosystem. A good arborist will understand the area you live and what is necessary to maintain healthy trees despite common pest issues, illnesses, and weather. 

Dial Environmental is a fully licensed and experienced company full of arborists that know what it takes to have a thriving tree population in your yard. Contact us through our website or call us today to speak to one of our certified arborists. Our team can answer any questions you may have and set up a time for one of our arborists to come by and give you a consultation.