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One season ends, and another begins. Summer has come and gone, leaving the winter to take its place. As the colder weather makes its way through the area, it sends pests looking for warmer places to live. Your home is the best option for pests as it provides them with consistent temperatures and food.

5 Common Winter Pests


Whether it’s squirrels or mice and rats, rodents invade homes regardless of the season. However, wintertime drives them indoors where it’s warm and they can raid pantries and cupboards. These pests spread diseases and leave behind feces as they invade your living areas, making them a threat to your family and home.


Cockroaches stay active year-round and contaminate your personal belongings as they scurry across countertops, beds and other surfaces. They breed and increase their numbers throughout the winter, giving rise to a massive infestation in just a few months. If they’re not controlled in time, they could invade every part of your house.


Bedbugs thrive indoors and can survive for months without a blood meal. They hide in the crevices between your mattresses and come out at night to feed while you sleep. These pests also hide in other places like the spaces behind baseboards and wall hangings. Bedbugs breed quickly and spread throughout an interior in a few weeks.


Termites are overly active in the summer but will continue feeding throughout the winter. The subterranean species are still aggressive feeders during this time and will target foundations across the area. Pretreat your home for termites in the winter to stop a devastating infestation.

Overwintering Bugs

Ladybugs, stinkbugs, flies and other overwintering pests don’t die off or go dormant in the winter. Instead, these pests fly around your home and annoy you and your family members. They will also breed during this time and infest your living areas until they’re eliminated.

Eliminate Winter Pests With Professional Control

Pests such as insects and rodents invade homes every winter. They need a place to survive until the spring and may even stay in your home once the seasons change. If they have enough food and a protective shelter, they have no reason to leave. Dial Environmental will make it a point to kick them out and to eliminate any infestation that has developed over the winter.