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Rodents getting into your home can cause a range of risks and complications for your property and well-being. If you are like other people facing this threat, you are likely wondering how rodents get inside and how you can stop it. The following guide highlights common access points that rodents use when they are ready to strike.

Small Cracks and Holes

Small cracks and holes in your home’s foundation are an issue you must address when your mission is to keep these invaders outside. Rodents can crawl, climb and scratch their way through almost any opening they find, and you will have an issue on your hands in no time. You can seal the openings around your home with caulk to keep rodents where they belong.

The Roof

You take several steps to keep rodents out of your home and away from your property, sealing cracks and holes around your home. Mice, rats and other resourceful rodents can enter your home through your chimney and openings in your ridge cap. Most people won’t even spot the red flags until the rodents have already come inside and established a nest.

Chewing Their Way Inside

Rodents that want to get into your home for food and shelter won’t always find an opening big enough to reach their goal, but they won’t give up that easily. They will look for weak spots in your home through which they can chew. Rodents will chew through screens and drywall without much trouble when they need resources or a safe place to build a nest. Look for holes where pipes and wires enter your home if you think you are sharing your home with rodents, and you will know if you have a situation you must address.

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Trying to get rid of rodents with at-home solutions can work well in some cases, but it won’t always give you positive results from the start. Some people think they have contained the threat and will forget about it, but not taking care of the rodents on the first try gives them time to spread and inflict even more damage. Containing your rodent infestation and achieving peace of mind require you to speak with a team of pest control experts, and you will be on the right path in no time.

Dial Environmental will come to your door, learn about your needs and tackle your rodent infestation without delay. You will be in good hands the second you enlist our help because we won’t stop until we turn your rodent issue into a thing of the past. If you are ready to take action so that you can teach the rodents a lesson they won’t forget, pick up your phone and call us today.