After the summer season, activity in the garden can tend to slow down a bit. While there are still beautiful blooms to enjoy, such as mums and sunflowers, you also need to prepare your garden for winter to help ensure a beautiful garden for when spring comes again. Here are some tips on how to prepare your garden for the winter.

Clean Up Rotted Plants

An untidy garden is never appealing, but it can also cause problems for your garden. Old and rotted plants can carry diseases, fungus, or pests. If pests are feeding on your plants, then they also may be laying their eggs there. So, is best to remove these plants from the garden entirely. However, if they are not diseased or pest-ridden, then you may wish to bury your old plants in the soil to help enrich the soil and improve its health.

Remove Weeds

Unfortunately, weeding is always a necessary task in the garden, as weeds will always be present. Weeds look unsightly and can steal needed nutrients from other plants. So, it is essential to remove all invasive weeds. Place them in your burn pile or the trash, as they can still flourish in a compost pile.

Prune Perennials

Pruning back the perennials in your garden during the fall season is wonderful preparation for spring. Before pruning too vigorously, educate yourself on which plants benefit most from pruning. The fall season is a good time to cut back herbs like rosemary, sage, and thyme as well as certain vegetables.

Prepare the Soil for the Next Spring

Fall is the season to prepare your soil for spring, as any nutrients added will have time to break down and enrich the soil. Add manure, kelp, rock phosphate, and compost to promote healthy soil. Tilling the soil in the fall will also help prepare it for the spring, as you will not have to wait until the soil is dry to begin working in it. Once you have completed your prep work, cover the plant beds with a plastic sheet to prevent rain from washing away the added nutrients. Then, remove the covering in the spring and you will be ready to go.

If you are looking to prepare your garden for winter and create a healthy environment while also controlling pests, contact Dial Environmental. We have been choosing green first in the local communities we serve since 1985.