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When summer begins to fade away, the warm days will be replaced by cool nights. A range of pests will then know winter is coming and take steps to find shelter and enough food to survive until the hot and sunny days return. Pests that need a place to stay won’t be picky, and your home could be the perfect solution. Learn about the types of pests you can expect in the fall and what you can do about the problem if you want to safeguard your home.


Rodents are one of the most common pests people encounter during the cool months of fall, and you don’t want them to catch you off guard. One small opening in your home’s foundation or on the roof is enough to let rodents get inside and cause trouble. To reduce your odds of a rodent infestation, seal the cracks around your home with caulk, and the results will make you smile.


In the fall, ants will be out looking for enough food to let the colony survive the coming winter. Scouts will go in all directions to find viable sources of food, and they will lead many other ants to your home if they locate anything worth mentioning. Placing food in sealed bags and containers can prevent scout ants from detecting your meals, but you should also clean up spills the second they happen if you want to boost your results.

What season brings out the most ants? Funny you ask – we have the answer:

Ant Season is Upon Us!

Stinging Insects

Without shelter from the cold and snow that come during the winter, bees and wasps will have little hope of surviving until spring. These stinging insects might make their way into your attic or the side of your home finding a safe place to hide. Having stinging insects that close to your home puts you and your family at risk of getting stung, and you don’t want to face that threat if you can avoid it. Call Dial Environmental to protect your family and pests from stinging insects today.

Dial Environmental

Even though you can try a range of methods to reduce your odds of encountering pests this fall, the risk will remain unless you enlist professionals. Dial Environmental won’t waste time when it comes to providing you with results on which you can depend, and our approach will give you peace of mind. Not only can we get rid of pests after they invade, but we can even take proactive steps to stop them from getting inside in the first place. If you are ready to secure your home from common fall invaders, pick up your phone and call us right away.