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As Thanksgiving arrives, families everywhere will gather together and feast on pounds of turkey, dressing and other delicious foods. If you don’t watch out, you’ll get a few uninvited guests to the meal. Pest insects and rodents also need to eat and would like nothing more than to show up at the dinner table. Dial Environmental wants to help you have a pest-free Thanksgiving with a few tips to ward off those pesky invaders.

5 Tips for a Pest-Free Thanksgiving

Clean up after cooking and eating.

A clean house doesn’t necessarily mean a pest-free house. However, cleaning up after cooking and eating will reduce the risk of pest infestations. Wipe down counters, sweep up crumbs and clean the dishes to put a halt on unwelcome guests this Thanksgiving.

Take out the trash right away.

If you let the trash pile up, you’re putting your home at risk of developing fly and roach infestations. In addition, if you set the garbage right outside your home, you’ll attract other pests that could get inside through cracks around the doors and windows. It’s best to place the garbage inside bins with sealed lids to stop infestations from happening.

Put away the leftovers.

If you’re going to leave the leftovers out on the counter, seal them with plastic wrap, or cover them with plastic lids. It’s a good idea to put up the leftovers right away to prevent wandering flies and roaches from coming out and contaminating your food. Place the leftovers in the refrigerator to keep them fresh and to prevent attracting pest insects.

Store open pantry goods in sealed containers.

Pests can easily get into bagged flour and rice whether it’s open or not. Rodents can chew through boxed goods, and pantry beetles can invade cereal boxes and rice bags. Storing these items in plastic containers with tightly sealed lids will keep pantry pests and rodents out of your food.

Maintain your home for the holidays.

The best way to stop a pest infestation is not to have one in the first place. Therefore, take preventative action against pests by covering up their entryways around your home. Seal up cracks and crevices, and pretreat your home with repellants. Hiring a professional pest control company to treat your home will also eliminate and prevent pest infestations for the holidays.

Professional Pest Control for Thanksgiving

Don’t share your Thanksgiving meal with uninvited pest insects. Contact Dial Environmental to have an experienced technician inspect your home and eliminate insects and rodents. We’ll create a customized program to keep pests out of your home for the holidays and long into the future.