Summertime is fantastic - except when you're trying to have a fun summer barbeque with your family, and mosquitoes and ticks come out to feast. Luckily, Dial Environment's Mosquito and Tick Reduction Program can save you the headache of bug bites and possible Lyme disease, with the best mosquito control in Roseland, NJ.


It's a good idea to consult an expert. However, you can take steps yourself to stop mosquitoes and ticks from infiltrating your home and putting a halt on your summer backyard plans. Some of these backyard treatments might also make fun DIY projects or family activities.

Tips on Repelling Mosquitos

Keeping mosquitoes from invading your home might seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are several simple, not to mention fun, solutions you can try to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Tips on Repelling Ticks

Repelling ticks may be similar in some ways to repelling mosquitoes. However, you should take slightly more care since ticks carry more disease and stick more to your skin and clothes.

How To Get Rid of Mosquitos and Ticks

The Solution: Dial Environmental’s Mosquito & Tick Reduction Program


While the tips above can be a good starting point, sometimes you need the help of a professional to handle the ticks and mosquitos plaguing your backyard. That's where we can come in. You'll find not just brief descriptions of our services and treatments here, but we'll also educate you on the different mosquitoes or ticks in your area.


Finding mosquito and tick treatment for yards does not have to be hard. If you want extra, friendly assistance, feel free to give Dial Environmental Pest Control a call! We're here to service Essex County all year round, no matter what pests we have to control for you.