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Many people go on vacation each year to relax and forget about the worries of daily life, but you could encounter another problem if you are not careful. Since they host many people throughout the year, hotels have a high risk of getting bed bugs. Keeping an eye out for the pests and knowing the warning signs is vital if you don’t want to be the next target. Bed bugs that get into your home won’t be easy to manage because they can resist most at-home treatment options, so protecting yourself before you get home is the smart move.

Bed Bug Detection

Learning to spot and identify the pests before they get the chance to infest your belongings will decrease your odds of getting bed bugs. Bring a flashlight with you so that you can check your mattress and under the furniture. Adult bed bugs have flat and round bodies and knowing how they look is a vital step in the right direction. Although they turn red once they consume a fresh meal, they are brown most of the time.

Steps to Take if You Spot Bed Bugs

Taking the correct steps when you spot bed bugs can work wonders if you don’t want them to follow you home. As soon as you spot bed bugs in a hotel room, grab your belongings and get out as quickly as possible, and you can request a new room at the front desk. No hotel wants to be known for having bed bugs, so they will make the switch. If the second room also has signs of bed bugs, finding a new hotel is the only safe option if you don’t want to take chances.

Before You Return Home

Even if you don’t see bed bugs when you check your hotel room, the creatures can still get into your bags without detection. They could then enter your home and build a nest before you notice that something is wrong. To stay out of harm’s way, put your clothes and bags in a plastic bag before you enter your home. You will take the clothes out of the bags in the bathroom and place them in the dryer on the highest setting for about an hour. Bed bugs can’t survive in high temperatures, and they will die within 45 to 60 minutes depending on your dryer.

Dial Environmental

If your efforts to prevent bed bugs from taking over your home and overstaying their welcome have failed, Dial Environmental is here to give you a hand. Contact us and we will send a professional to your door to search for and identify possible bed bugs. Once we know the problem with which we are dealing, we will get to work removing the pests and restoring your peace of mind.