Dial Environmental Blog

Dial Environmental is no stranger to the West Essex or Roseland area—our leadership team is all West Essex residents with three decades of experience that understand the unique needs of New Jersey homeowners. 

Long before “going green” became a trend, Dial Environmental has been committed to providing environmentally-friendly pest control, lawn care, and mold removal services. From our first green initiative in 1999 to the present day, our company continues to search for safe and innovative ways to serve our customers while also protecting the environment. 

How Dial Environmental Stays Green 

Although there are multiple ways that Dial Environmental strives to stay eco-friendly, one major way is through the products we use. Unlike some pest control or lawn care companies, we do everything we can to refrain from using hazardous liquid chemicals and traditional pesticides that do more harm than good. Our green products are designed to be tough on pests and weeds but gentle on the environment. 

For instance, our HomeCare© Program incorporates botanical products and mechanical measures that bait and trap pesky rodents and pests. Not only will we work to uncover pest problems in their early stages, but we’ll also set up insect and rodent traps in key areas throughout your home or business. Our HomeCare Program can help protect you from troublesome New Jersey pests such as ants, bees, cockroaches, mice, spiders, and more. 

We Use Versatile Products

Besides focusing on organic, eco-friendly products, Dial Environmental also strives to use materials that are versatile and treat several different things at once. Some of our pest control products double as safe alternatives for lawn care treatments as well. 

For example, the same repellent spray that covers the foliage around your home to deter mosquitoes, also helps reduce occasional common pests that might enter your home. 

As local residents with decades of experience, our team also has a deep understanding of how our organic based treatments affect soil conditions and which pests are most likely cause problems. Dial ensures that our products are tailored to meet New Jersey’s unique ecosystem. 

With bitter winters and mild summers, this state has particular issues with stinging insects such as bees or wasps. Our preventative treatments can deter these pesky pests before they become an issue. 

Our Expertise

Along with decades of experience, the entire Dial Environmental team undergoes extensive training before they step foot in your home. With an Associate Certified Entomologist (ACE) on staff, our team specializes in identifying troublesome pests such as ticks or bed bugs and ridding them from your business or home. 

We are also ISA Certified Arborists that have decades of expertise when it comes to managing urban forestry and the plants in your backyard. 

Our shrub and tree care services draw on this knowledge, we offer a variety of different treatments to promote healthy landscapes that help protect plants in the winter and thrive in the hot summer months. With licensed Arborists on staff, our pruning services keep trees and shrubs strong and healthy for a prominent spring growth. In conjunction to pruning, our mulching services enriches plant soil increasing water retention and conservation. 

Dial Environmental transcends the definition of environmental home service provider. While our team specializes in pest management, our extensive experience in lawn care and mold removal makes us an expert in every area of home care. 

From bait traps to safe repellant spray, our eco-friendly approach steers clear of harmful chemicals that are dangerous to the environment and even your health. We’ve been using our green thumb to provide excellent customer service in  the state of New Jersey for over three decades, and we’ll continue to do so.