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While keeping a home spotless is certainly one of the best ways to avoid pests, Dial Environmental knows it’s simply not possible. A house is never immaculate, and if you have children or pets, it doesn’t matter how frequently you clean or how often, there’s no real way to keep it spotless.

The truth is, while a messy home can help attract pets, even the cleanest of houses can experience a pest infestation. Having pests is not a sign that your home is dirty or unkempt, it’s just a sign that your home is attractive to these invaders.

When you consider that the American cockroach has been known to survive from eating the pages of books, or that ants are well documented to enter homes in order to drink water droplets left in a sink, or even that many rodents first enter a home seeking not food, but warmth from the outside environment, it’s easy to see that having a pest is not a sign you’ve failed at housekeeping.

Dial Environmental Pest Services

Since our doors first opened in 1985, Dial Environmental has been working to provide the Northern New Jersey region with excellent pest control and education regarding the true motivators of pest problems. Our exceptional service and dedication to our clients has earned our company the Essex Magazine’s Readers Choice Award, Best of Essex Gold Medal, five years in a row.

It’s a very rare occurrence that a homeowner or business never experiences an issue with some form of pest. Rodents and insects love our homes for the same reasons we do: they are warm, sheltered and provide all that we need to survive. Of course, you should try to keep your home comfortably clean, but the best way to truly prevent pests is through a maintenance program of lawn care and preventative treatment of your home to deter these pests from entering in the first place.

Dial Environmental offers all of these services to our clients. We only employ highly trained, registered and background-screened employees to service your home or business, so you can feel secure that not only will your pest problem be remedied, but that every step has been taken to ensure your security during the process.

If you’re interested in learning how Dial Environmental can help prevent pests in your home, contact Dial Environmental to receive your free quote and to learn more about the variety of services we offer.