Dial Environmental, an environmental home service provider centered around eco-friendly practices, has been awarded Gold in the Pest Control category for this year’s Suburban Essex Magazine Reader’s Choice Best of Essex contest. Dial Environmental’s 2019 win marks six years in a row that they’ve been a gold medalist in this category.best of essex 2019

Furthermore, Dial’s 35th year anniversary marks a personal milestone within the organization whose mission is to provide customers with world-class service.

Dial Environmental focuses on offering home services that protect the property and health of New Jersey residents. Our Services are designed to encompass and protect a beautiful landscape, preventing the spread of mold and pest infestations with treatments that are not only effective, but gentle on the environment.

Beyond providing a wide range of eco-friendly pest control and lawn care services, Dial Environmental is also dedicated to giving back to the community that surrounds them. Through volunteer work and charitable donations, they’ve supported nearby areas such as West Essex, Montclair, Verona, Roseland, and the Caldwells.

Although “environmentally-friendly” is not a term typically associated with pest control, mold remediation, or lawn care services, Dial Environmental strives to ensure that their home services are also supporting the environment. Over twenty years ago, the company introduced its first green initiative in 1999 with its termite-baiting system.

Today, Dial Environmental has expanded that initiative and continues to use low-impact materials and mechanical measures rather than chemical-only treatments.

Since its origin, the Best of Essex contest winners have included some of the most innovative and recognizable businesses across the state of New Jersey. With several different categories, the winners of the contest are selected by the Suburban Essex’s readers, and each group includes a gold, silver, and bronze medalist.

About Dial Environmental

With three decades of experience, our team leaders at Dial Environmental are local West Essex residents that understand the unique needs of the customers in this area. Since the company was founded in 1985, we’ve been committed to upholding a certain standard for our New Jersey customers.

With our pest control services, Dial Environmental specializes in ants, general household insects, mosquitos, termites, bed bugs, ticks, and stinging insects such as wasps or hornets. Dial’s first priority is always to eradicate these pests from your home without using liquid chemicals that will harm the environment. Our mosquito and tick treatment program, for instance, includes measures to intercept these pesky pests before they ever step foot inside, and is timed based on emergence.

Besides pest control, Dial Environmental also specializes in lawn care services as well. Our approach to lawn care is focused on using organic based fertilizers to improve the health and growth of your lawn as well as reduce the use of pesticides. Unlike synthetic and mineral only fertilizers, which can do more harm than good, our organic based approach is designed to nurture root systems and the surrounding soil.

Some of our specific lawn care treatments are specifically made to deal with weeds and crabgrass that make it tough to grow the grass you want. Our lawn care professionals can also handle soil testing as well as core aeration to promote the growth of healthy plants.

Along with pest control and lawn care, Dial Environmental is well-versed on identifying and removing troublesome mold that could be growing in your home.

Rather than fight fire with fire, our safe and patented MoldCurePro products use naturally-occurring salt that can not only kill existing mold but also help prevent the growth of new mold. Our treatments have received the safest toxicity rating on the EPA scale and don’t contain harmful chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia, VOCs, or alcohols.

For more information about our pest control, lawn care, or mold removal services, contact us today!