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Clothes Moths

logo  Check the racks of your local thrift store and you’re bound to find heaps of wool coats and sweaters riddled with moth holes.  Who hasn’t found little holes in their favorite cashmere cardigan or wool sport coat?  It’s common this time of year to unpack your cold weather clothes and find damage done by clothes moth larvae. There are two kinds of clothes moths encountered in homes.  Clothes moths, more specifically known as either the webbing clothes moth or the casemaking clothes moth, are occasional fabric pests.  Their larvae will find any animal fibers containing proteins, including fur, wool, and wool blends, silk, hair, feathers/down, mohair, cashmere, and more.  You could find damage (or the larvae themselves) on woolen clothing, carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture, furs, stored wool, animal bristles in hairbrushes, and even woolen felts on piano keys.  Synthetics or fabrics such as cotton may also be fed upon if...
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