Every year, we hear stories about huge numbers of ants invading buildings. As ant experts, we are never surprised by these stories. The fact is, ants are a problem year-round, but during the months ahead ant colonies will start growing larger as each week passes. Ant problems continue to be the #1 pest problem in the country and in Northern Jersey, with more households complaining about them than any other pest. They are almost a universal problem, partly because there are so many different kinds of ants. While some species nest outdoors, many others will bring their entire colony indoors. They are quite adept at finding a way inside!

Ants coming inside may have already established an indoor nest, or they are looking for food or moisture. Scout ants quickly alert the colony when they have found a good food source. Ants have definite food preferences. Some are sweet-eating ants, others look for high protein foods, or oils, grease, and fats. Many ants will even switch, depending on the colony needs, from sweets to proteins within just a few hours. Killing ants, you see, is useless. The queens produce eggs faster than you can pick off the workers. All the colonies need to be controlled; how we do that depends on which ant species you have. Contact us if you have ant problems and be rid of these persistent invaders.

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