Lawn Care in Bernardsville, NJ

Nestled in comfortably in Somerset County, Bernardsville, New Jersey is home to a population just under eight thousand people. The population found in Bernardsville is diverse across the board which makes living there a unique experience. From unique ‘mom and pop’ shops to residential housing and communal living, Bernardsville houses all walks of life with ease. 

Bernardsville’s climate ranges between the four seasons, much like the rest of New Jersey. The hot, humid summers and snowy winters make lawn care a challenge to control year round. With pests running amuck, comfortably enjoying your lawn can grow uneasy overtime if proper measures to control and prevent infestations aren’t taken.

Lawn Care in Bernardsville

Through our lawn care program, you can achieve an award-winning lawn that doesn’t just look amazing, but is extremely healthy. Our lawn care team will work with you to determine what you want from your lawn and will get you there with eco-friendly products. 

Certified Arborist

Your lawn deserves to be treated by only the best, which is why we only hire the best! Our team is full of certified arborists who know exactly what you and your lawn will need and how to get there. Arborists are individuals who understand the biology of your lawn and can diagnose and treat issues as they arise through your lawn care program. 

Annual Aeration Service

To achieve and maintain a healthy lawn year-round it is important that your lawn gets aerated. Aerating is the process of “opening up” your lawn to allow it to breathe and grow. Typically this process is done once a year so oxygen and seed can land directly on the roots of your lawn and it can begin to grow steadily. 

Pruning Service

The importance of pruning your shrubs is typically overlooked because most think it’s just for aesthetics. Though it’s important to consider the looks of your shrubs, what’s even more important is their health and resiliency. Pruning helps cut off dead and unhealthy limbs while encouraging new growth to grow, allowing trees and shrubs to provide your Bernardsville home with beauty for years to come!

Get a Free Quote on Bernardsville Lawn Care

If you are looking for an experienced team that can tackle all of your lawn care needs, we can help! For years Dial Evironmental has been serving the residents of Bernardsville, NJ by protecting lawns from pest infestations. Contact our Bernardsville lawn care team today to get a free quote on all of our lawn and plant services.