Bedminster is a town with a long, proud history in New Jersey. It was settled in 1710 by immigrants from Germany, Netherlands, Scotland, and Ireland. The revolutionary war site, the Pluckemin Continental Artillery Cantonment Site, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Additionally, the first military artillery training academy in the nation was built in Bedminster by General Henry Knox.

Bedminster today is home to nearly 5,000 households and more than 2,000 families. Over 1,500 companies and businesses have their home office in Bedminster, including the Trump National Golf Course and Zelis Healthcare, which is one of the top 5,000 companies in the United States.

We take pride in our small town and would do anything to keep our homes and businesses in tip-top shape. That includes pest control. Dial EnvironmentalⓇ is there for you, helping you keep your small business and hard-earned home pest and rodent free economically and ecologically. Take a look at how we can assist you.

Common New Jersey Pests

Carpenter ants can wreak havoc on your building. They chew and excavate wood to make nests weakening the structure of wood-framed constructions. Once a colony has been identified, it may take several weeks for all of the ants to be eliminated.

Rats and mice can chew walls and damage electrical wires, increasing the risk of fire. They also present a bio-hazard when they die in your walls and crawl spaces, stinking up the place and creating a potential source of viruses and bacteria. Having a mouse race across your restaurant dining area during the lunch rush will also damage your business’s reputation permanently.

Mosquito-borne viruses can infect both humans and animals. Dogs and horses are especially susceptible heartworm, West Nile Virus, and Eastern equine encephalitis transported by mosquitos.

Your local or home library might be a prime location to find a Silverfish infestation. The damage these little critters can do on a priceless historical bound book is enormous. They also like to eat wallpaper paste, linens, and cotton fabrics.

Most spiders found in Bedminster, New Jersey, are harmless. However, their web-spinning can make a place look run-down and unkempt. It’s hard to keep up with their industriousness sometimes. Dial Environmental can help spruce things up!

Lyme disease, Anaplasmosis, and Tularemia are just three diseases that ticks can bring into your home. These little suckers can cause discomfort and pain for your fur-babies as well.

Pest Control Solutions

Having a preventative pest management plan for your home and business will ensure that you never have to deal with these potentially economically disastrous and unsanitary pests. Dial Environmental has a preventative program that meets your needs.

Dial Environmental’s Mosquito & Tick program for the exterior of your home or business is designed to reduce the occurrence of these little biters in your living or working space. Applications are made from April to October, the prime breeding season for these insects in New Jersey.

Our HomeCareⓇ service provides eco-friendly pest control all year long. Let us remove spider webs and do a full HEPA Vacuum basement clean-up each winter for you. We use prescription botanical and low-impact treatments to protect your family and pets from harmful pesticide residue. Our HomeCare service also includes the installation and monitoring of rodent and insect stations to uncover pests before they become infestations.

Our HomeCare preventative services will eliminate the following from your home and office area:

  • Ants
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Cave Crickets
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches
  • Earwigs
  • Mice
  • Millipedes
  • Indian Meal moths
  • Rats
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Stinging Insects

TermaPlus goes the extra mile in preventative pest care. TermaPlus provides extermination treatments for all the rodents and insects covered in the HomeCare package. This premium plan also includes applications for carpenter bees, earwigs, and subterranean termites. Monitor Always Active Sentricon Sentricon Stations are installed around your home, supplying extermination termite bait. Your building will be inspected annually for any termite activity.

The Sentricon treatment used in the TermaPlus package received the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for its low-impact materials, baits, traps, and monitors.

Dial Environmental is the go-to guy for ecological and economical pest control for your home, office, warehouse, or rental property in Bedminster.

In addition to TermaPlus, HomeCare, and Mosquito & Tick packages we offer:

  • Mold removal
  • Lawn care including aeration and seeding
  • Bed bug treatments
  • Shrub and tree care
  • Planting and pruning services
  • Stinging insect removal

No matter your pest control needs, Dial is here to help. Give us a call today!