Tucked away at the top of Somerset County lies a quiet little town called Basking Ridge, NJ. Established in the 1720s, Basking Ridge is known for its deep colonial ties. This community is full of rich history which is what makes it such an amazing place to live and grow. 

Unfortunately, Basking Ridge isn’t quite the picture-perfect town everyone hopes it would be. Just like every great place Basking Ridge has its own drawbacks with pest activity being near the top of the list for most residents. Pest activity ranges from mild ant activity to full-on rodent infestation which can cause damage to the residences, and spread diseases to those who live there. 

Basking Ridge Pest Control 

We are the perfect solution for every Basking Ridge, NJ resident’s pest control needs. As your local pest experts ready to provide you with everything you need to protect you and your home from the outside critters trying to get in, we are proud to service:

Our time serving Basking Ridge has helped us understand what residents truly need for successful pest control in this community. 

Lawn Care

Dial Environmental doesn’t stop at pest control, we strive our hardest to help keep your home in shape, so you can spend less time working on it and instead enjoying it. Our lawn care service focuses on building a lawn that not only looks award-winning, but is also resilient and healthy. 

Environmentally Aware

It is important to us that we place the environment first before anything starting from how we service the lawn to the products we use. We focus our strategies to grow lawns that have thriving internal ecosystems that can help reduce the use of pesticides and leave the soil healthy. 

Certified Professionals

All of Dial Environmental’s arborists are fully certified and understand what your lawn needs. Our arborists understand your lawn and its biology which helps create a tailored plan just for your lawn. 

Our Process

We have developed a system after years of trial and error that has been proven over time to continuously work. This isn’t just your average water and seed system, but instead, one that meets your lawn’s specific needs and a variety of solutions that last. 

Mold Removal 

The Northeast’s unpredictable weather can be extremely conducive for mold to grow and thrive in your home. Any sight of mold needs to be dealt with immediately before it continues to spread and destroy your home while being a detriment to your health. Signing up for our mold removal service will remove mold from your Basking Ridge home and take precautionary measures to make sure it does not return.

From inside the walls and cabinets to the flooring or even furniture, mold can be found anywhere. This mold removal process is focused on removing the mold and preventing further growth without toxic chemicals. 


Our Homecare program is the safest way to ensure you and your family can sleep in your home with peace of mind. While others only handle the basics, our Homecare Program includes:

  • Annual Winter cleanups 
  • Rodent and insect monitoring stations 
  • Spider web removal and dusting 
  • Pest-Free Pledge

Hire a Basking Ridge Pest Control Company Near You

Dial Environmental understands the local needs of Basking Ridge, NJ and is ready to provide you with lasting solutions for all your lawn and pest needs. Our team knows what the residents of Basking Ridge, NJ need when it comes to tackling mold problems, pest infestations, and general lawn health. 

Let us be your one-stop shop to get your home’s health in shape and healthy. Save more of your time enjoying your home or doing what makes you happy by contacting our Basking Ridge pest control team today!